Earth is your Hive

Posted on November 2, 2017 at 8:25 AM

The Bee Kingdom asks: “What are you doing to maintain your Hive?”.

Every bee within its hive has it’s purpose and it works diligently to carry out its designated tasks. The bee works hard, not for himself but for the entire collective of the hive and is always thinking of its future generations. The bees work together in complete cooperation knowing that there is enough sweetness in life for all to enjoy. Everything the bees need can be found within the Hive.

Perhaps today, you could look as Earth as your Hive. Everything you need to thrive is provided for you by Mother Earth herself.

Perhaps today you could look at all of the humans on Earth as your brothers and sisters. No countries, borders, colours, religions, political beliefs or anything else that will cause separation to occur. ALL Human Beings came to Earth from the same place and will all depart this world the same way. Unite in similarities and rejoice the differences knowing that the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.

And, perhaps today you could begin to think about what contributions you can add to collective of Earth that will help to support ALL Life as well as maintain and sustain this planet for our future generations. It could be as simple as planting a tree or growing some flowers? Or perhaps a project to clean your highways or making wise choices about the products you use so that you are not causing anymore damage to the Earth.

The bees overall message is that whatever you chose to do within the Earth Hive, start today without delay!

Copyright Frankey Craig 2016

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