Coming back to Unity

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Before this lifetime I was with Source. I was pure consciousnes...

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Every time I feel I want to be true to myself I naturally start to recall things about myself as a child that I enjoyed. Nature, creativity, being of service.


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ARISE and Shine

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Abundance is our Birthright. We need only look at the stars at night, the grains of sand on a beach, the petals on a rose or the drops of water in the ocean to see this universe's number one rule is Abundance. We are here to thrive and our mother, mother earth provides us with all that we need. Breathe today kn...

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Highly Suggestible

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I grew up in England which seemed smaller and smaller and smaller when I began to explore America. I had visited the USA as a child and as an adult but living here was a very different experience.

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High Strangeness

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When the high strangeness started I was living in London with a boyfriend who was kind of black and white about life. ACADEMIC intelligent. Psychics and mediums were kooks and science was the only way.


Even though...

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Navigating Emotions

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I’ve always been an incredibly sensitive soul. When I was really young my uncle once said to my mother ‘’that the world was going to break my heart’’. I didn't know he said it at the time but when I grew up and my mum said that's what he said, we both agreed it was an insightful comme...

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Conscious Creator - Spiritual Business

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When I started my website www.ourpsychicart.com in 2008 my original intentions were to promote other artists around the world, raise awareness around altered states of consciousness, the healing arts, and create a space where people could ...

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