Our Psychic Arts journey

Born in October 2008

A message from Spirit

I'm Frankey Craig and in June 2008 during a reading at the Arthur Findlay College I was told to start doing artwork based on the word 'FREEDOM'. 

Our Psychic Art is born

In October 2008 after creating psychic art every day since June I felt inspired to start a website. I had met another psychic artist and I wondered how many more I could find around the world. 

So, for the first 6 years of Our Psychic Art I created a platform that promoted psychic artists from all around the world. At our biggest we had more than 20 different artists who all expressed psychic art in unique ways. 

I am so grateful for all of those people who supported and contributed to Our Psychic Art in the early years, I wouldn't be here now without them. 

A journey with the plants

I felt called in July 2014 to start working with plant medicines. I set many intentions before working with ayahuasca, one of which was to create artwork that could help heal even more people.  My first visions were of geometric patterns. 

A strong urge came not long afterwards to create mandalas. These soon became known as The Art of Meditation', a tool for transforming consciousness.

I have discovered that I can pretty much paint a mandala on anything and that each one has infinite wisdom to share with not only my clients but also with me! The mandalas energy is so uplifting, no matter what it is painted or printed on. 

Creativity & Healing

I am very passionate about art and creative expression of all forms.

I work intuitively. The whole world around me, above and below, is symbolic. Every flower I see, every animal that crosses my path, every tree, every pattern, every recurring shape and number, every single colour speaks to me and guides me. 

I allow myself to be a creative channel in so many different areas. Opening myself to an unlimited amount of creative energy that can heal at a cellular level. 

I have so many different offerings for you to enjoy. I love not being restricted to only doing one thing. It makes life so much more interesting to be creative in many areas. 

Just simply know that however I work, it will be with the intention of Love. 

Please head over to my Profile and Services for more information. 

The Safe Place

August 2020. I moved house to the most beautiful haven out in the country in North Carolina. 

The property sits on 3 acres which also includes a barn with upstairs apartment, pool, grilling/fire pit patio and screened in porch areas. Perfect for hosting workshops and gatherings!

The barn has been turned into my very own workshop space that has allowed me to open up my creative flow even more! It's a long way from painting on my doorstep or the kitchen table! To finally have a space that I can really explore my creativity in is a dream coming true. 

After 12 years online I have a great space to host webinars and to hold workshops in person. It's a major milestone for Our Psychic Art in its 12th year. 

All I can say is watch this space!

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