Working with Yellow Energy

Energy Healing using the color Yellow brings Change, Enlightenment, Expansion.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Yellow bring you growth, openness and change. 

When you work in the Yellow Color Energy Realm, it means that you are dealing with energies affecting your instincts and how you deeply believe.

The meanings of Yellow tell us that sometimes we have no desire to change, anything, and that we become very sure of ourselves to the point of closing off others views or new information. This is not balanced or healthy and can make us bitter, closed minded and resentful. 

Use the Energy Healing Properties of the Color Yellow when you need to find balance here. Listen and be open to what others say, but trust yourself enough to not go fluttering off with every wind that happens to blow by. Yellow is the Light of Discernment.

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Yellow:

  • Open- Change
  • Instincts
  • Discern with Wisdom
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Do not fear mistakes
  • Expand your Horizons

Yellow is felt in the body in the Stomach as acid, aches, hunger, cramps or nausea and in the Solar Plexus as nervous stomach, butterflies and a "lump". Yellow can feel like you are tense and tight in your reactions or spread too thin and stretched too far. Expand your thoughts and be open to changes with Yellow.

The Yellow Personality: Yellow people like learning and teaching. They like to have elevated discussions, read or find ways to gather more and more knowledge, but can sometimes be easily swayed off of their goal because they can readily see the others point of view. They can be easily confused with too many choices.

The person wearing Yellow might be feeling like they are being forced into a belief or pattern of behavior that is not of their own choosing and so want to expand. They may be feeling incited to search beyond what they know now to stay in control , perhaps they feel scattered and thrown to the winds; so try to allow them to just talk it out. Wear Yellow when you want to present an enlightened and open appearance. It will show that you are open to the ideas of others.

Decor with Yellow: Yellow in home decor or clothing is open and embracing. It will show energies of new thinking and promote a feeling of acceptance and jovial energy, like the Sun. Great for children's study rooms, it stimulates inquisitive minds and an eagerness to learn. It welcomes other colors especially cool ones like Blue and Purple. Yellow is warm and inclusive, happy and fun.

Spirit Questions for the Color Yellow

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • What is forcing me to change?
  • Do my beliefs match my actions?
  • Who is the Mate to my Soul... right now?
  • What stops me from moving to where I want to be?
  • Can I be open to changes, without trying to control them?

New thoughts, Growth, Put Down Your Box, Change, Expand, Soul Mate

Put Down Your Box (of how you think it should be).

Old beliefs, old patterns, old ways of going, doing, and being have or are now crumbling away and a new day is dawning.

Something needs to change because something else is forcing it to.... 

Something in your Life is just not working anymore. Perhaps the situation is beyond your control. Has there been a death, an un-foreseen circumstance? ...your or someone else's decision or action is forcing you to adjust who you are.

Life is interrupting!

Passing through this gateway is truly the beginning of a new phase of your journey.

Yellow Realm forces you to answer questions like:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why are you here at this present point?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you really want to do?
  • Why have you decided to journey?
  • What holds you back? Stops you?
  • Has there been rejection?

Take your time... really think about these questions and answer them simply and honestly.

It is an illusion that someone else holds you back; you can always find a way through. It may take time, sacrifice and there's the rub... IS it worth it? It is always your own decision. You are not a prisoner-you are free to go.

Yellow/Gold is a big step in deciding that "YES, things need to change" and that you are willing to Seek, Find, Open and Use the information in the Calya Journey-Wise System to participate in your own life's Journey!

Yellow is all about admitting to yourself what you truly believe, truly want and then Matching that inner belief to your outer actions. That is why it is called the Realm of Matching.

Put down everything you think you know and be ready to travel at first light.

A new thought, a new way, is about to break into your Being initiated by your deep Instincts

Enlightenment is about to happen.

When you sort out the debris and find the light of truth in your life, you will be ready and able to change. Yellow is not THE CHANGE but the Light of Enlightenment, so that you can change.

A first step by you, to begin using Light. Relating to the outer world through your inner and other world self.

Then as your Journey continues, and you continue to Journey-Wise, you will create the desired changes and bring them to your life.

Sometimes when you enter Yellow you'll feel that if you change that it means your old way was wrong and that you were wrong for continuing in that manner. At other times you'll fear appearing unwilling to change and so therefore to appease others or what they think of you, you'll change directions with every slight breeze that blows past. Seek balance.

Independence, co-dependence and your Soul Mate; these are the lessons in Yellow Realm.

Do you see your Soul Mate in another? The other with whom you wish to be filled and wish to fill. Your Soul Mate is one who is on this part of your Journey with you, helping you learn, presenting dilemmas for you to work through. 

Perhaps you have even met up with your Twin Flame, the person whom embodies the energies of your other self.

NO! It does not mean you should abandon your existing life to run after this person. It means your task on this part of your Journey is to Seek, Find, Open and Use Balance to merge the extremes and stay honorable to all as you do.

Learn the lessons, merge the qualities.

Go! Do! Be! Use your own soul's or Soul Mate's Energy to go out and beyond the things that you think you know!

Are there missions and lessons to accomplish for the freeing of all of you!!?

Put down your box, and be open!

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