Working with Red Energies

Energy Healing using the color Red brings Fiery Power, Ambition to Create and Sexual urgency.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Red bring you Drive, Ambition, and Motivation when you work in the Red Color Energy Realm. It means that you are dealing with energies affecting your creative Life Force, and your sexual desires.

The meanings of Red tell us that sometimes we think that we must obey the rules of others blindly even if it means denying your self-expression. Use the Energy Healing Properties of the Color Red when you need to rev up your motives and bring creativity to self-expression; figure out a way to express and create while still harming none.

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Red:

  • Primal Life Force Energy
  • Physical Disciplines
  • Ambitions- Creative Fire
  • Root Chakra
  • Sex Drive
  • Motives, Movement

Red is felt in the body in the pelvis, cocyx, and genitals as stimulation or pain. Red can feel like you are too tired for everything or being restricted and not allowed freedom to move. Create, move and get motivated with Red.

The Red Personality: Red people thrive on attention. They like to be happy and entertaining, but can quickly flare if their ideas or behavior is met with any opposition or coolness. They can be easily offended.

The person wearing Red might be feeling like they just want to be noticed... for once. They may be feeling creative, pleased with themselves and excited, motivated, energetic and let's not forget sexy; so try to allow them their day. Wear Red when you want to present an energetic appearance and remember Red is not a Love Color, it is a Lust Color!

Decor with Red: Red in home decor or clothing is daring and aggressive. It will show creative energies and promote a feeling of high competition and may incite arguments or great joy! Great for children's rooms and art studios, it stimulates creative minds and artistic projects. It opposes and competes with other colors taking over the space. Red is bright, bold and beautiful.

Spirit of Red Questions:

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • What am I trying to do? ...make happen?
  • What are my plans? am I trying to make it happen?
  • What are my true motives?
  • What is moving me? ...the cause of my actions?
  • Do I want to create Help and Harmony or Hindrance and Harm?

Pure Life Force is in great abundance in Youth... it is how we grow, develope and become individuals.

If directed with discipline one can achieve great creations including a new life (baby). But create other things as well; create yourself and the life you choose. You must care for, replenish, keep healthy, your physical self as well as Soul and Spirit. Movements (exercise, ritual dance) and eating well are as important to a balanced Spiritual Journey as are meditation and doing interior inspection and Astral Travels.

  • Do you need to eat differently?
  • Move differently? Exercise...
  • Take supplements?

When in Red Realm it is a time to invigorate your Kundalini Energy your Pure Life Force. Increase your movements and daily exercise and get fired up with a new creation; not just the idea but take action to make it real.

Learn This Practice:The Pelvic Thrust Dance is the best movement to stay young and increase vitality. It works all the right muscles to increase the flow of Kundalini- Life Force and invigorate your Red Energy. Do it daily and burn fatigue away.

Put on some music and dance... shake your hips... thrust and bump and grind...

Do 8 pelvis thrust and 8 hip shakes left and 8 hip shakes right and then 1 left and 1 right 8 times! Move your arms your dancing!

Your power may be used for Help and Harmony or Hindrance and Harm, which do you choose? 
Know you can affect other energies because you exist; because Life Force flows through you.

Sometimes when in Red you will feel tired and drained because denying your creative fire means of expression, due to real or imagined rules, will surely deaden it.

At other times when you are being told what to do or not to do, feeling restricted that will inflame your Red energy to excessive and make you rebellious and in-discriminant.

Seek balance; use the Red Energy available to you to CREATE a NEW THING.

What would be best to Create?

Red Life Force is Potential. It is Fiery, Potent Power. 

Will you choose to wield your power with discipline and honor; being mindful of the results of your actions? Check your motives. What is the cause of your move? What moves you?

Know your body and what it needs and what it can and can't do. Your Body can direct your Powers and energies in very purposeful ways. Sexuality can be used to release incredible waves of your orgasmic energy (Tantric Sex) for creating incredible achievements.

Learn this practice: Decide to create with honor and purpose for yourself and others.

What do you expect to happen? Remember your wants should never over shadow another's needs.

During orgasm direct your intent out into the Astral Plane with a burst of pure Red Energy. Let it go... no strings attached... think no more upon it... let it be used without you holding on to the other end of the string...

Be very clear; don't take your power lightly or your Body for granted. Keep Creating, forever and today.

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