Working with Purple Energies

Energy Healing using the color Purple brings Passion, Magick, Psychic Alchemy and Justice.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Purple bring passion to your feelings and strength to your Magick. When you work in the Purple Color Energy Realm, you are empowered by Magickal means.

You are dealing with the energies of your Spiritual Awakening; for the strength of your passionate feelings is equal to the power of your Magickal abilities. The stronger your feelings... the stronger your Magick--- but--- they must be under your precise control and orchestration in order to produce the desired results... and what you want must be empowered by your purity of honor and good will to all.

Usually, Purple Color Healing Energy gives you a "psychic feeling" about truth vs lies, justice vs. fairness and psychic answers vs. confusing questions in your life. You become aware of the Beyond and the intimate communications offered by the Spirit Realms.

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Purple:

  • Hard Won Acquisitions
  • Psychic Powers
  • Emotions- Pure Passions
  • Eyes/Ears/Nose Chakra
  • Magick- Spiritual Awakening
  • Magick Music weaves the Worlds

Purple is felt in the body in the eyes, ears and nose as dizziness, blockages, heightened emotions, tears, or pain. Purple can feel like you are too detached emotionally to care about anything or wildly swinging emotions take over your life. Be Magickal, Powerful and just with Purple.

The Purple Personality: Purple people are emotional. They like to show their dramatic knowing and don't care who sees them, but they can also because of previous trauma to their feelings, become cold and show no caring and no reactions at all. They can easily become vengeful.

The person wearing Purple might be feeling like they just want to be powerful for once. They may be feeling Magickaly gifted and aware of their own powers; so try to allow them their day. Wear Purple when you want others to know that you do know your own strength and that you are not afraid of it, but perhaps they should be! Purple is passion and can turn to fury or ecstasy. Many people with substance abuse issues are drawn to Purple but if they are using they need to stay away from Purple and use the opposite, Yellow to let in some light!

Decor with Purple: Purple in home decor or clothing is a subtle warning and reminder to be respectful. It will show energies to move mountains when needed and also promote a feeling of a willingness to protect you! Great for children's rooms to boost self-confidence and to let them know that you respect them and to teach them to do the same. However, it does stimulate passionate attachments and Metaphysical powers including clairvoyance and Clairaudience. Balance your gifts with belief and not fear. It opposes and competes with other colors taking over the space. Purple is Mystickal, Magickal and full of deep passion.

Purple Spirit Questions

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • Who has hurt me?
  • What is my deep sorrow? ..pain?
  • How do I really feel about it?
  • Am I having Psychic insights on issues?
  • What would be Justice?

No Competition, Music Weaves Worlds, All Claires, Psychic, Pure Passions

Harm none and do what you will.

Intuition and Clairvoyance of all kinds swirl in the Purple Color Energy Healing Realm of Justice!

How do you feel?

Admit it... Deep emotions and passions are the Powers of Changes and Psychic Alchemy. Learn to use these powers, your Magickal Music, in a controlled way; organized, purposeful, a beautiful song of honor, power, justice for all concerned.

How and what you feel is expressed in the head. When in Purple, you know the truth through Intuition. 

If in Purple, believe what you feel you know; you are absolutely right, but only when you are in Purple.

Your Psychic energy is powerful now.

Work your magick. Music is important for the tones of music weave patterns of thoughts and dreams into reality. And if you are not musical? Use recorded music of others that expresses your feelings and enhances your powers.

Sometimes when in Purple you may fear what you might be capable of saying or doing and so to avoid hurting others and appearing "bad", you shut down your feelings to the point where you will feel no passion or emotions at all. At other times you'll not believe that the "authorities",(on whatever level) will be able to serve justice to suit you and try to take matters into your own hands. Seek balance.

As the Life Force Power flashes through your system, your passion or strength-of-feeling gives more power to your expression and psychic alchemy.

This is where you add your Personal Powers to the Grand flow of the Energies of the Universe in order to help make the changes you deem important. The Energetic release you throw off is healthy for you and causes the physiological release of your body's chemicals to the mental stimulus of the meditation. These directed thoughts help you to heal.

You cannot harm any if you adhere to the Rede of "Harm None and Do What You Will".

If you don't... the Law of Triples applies. It comes back to you! 3x over! Once your Energetic release is out in the Realms of the Astral Plane, it will be heard. It will be answered and used to help create changes and healings throughout the Universe.

How outraged are you?

Stop and think of your issue... feel your rage or sorrow and deep seeded emotions storming within your heart. You are allowed to be angry! All anger comes from being hurt.

The strength of the power that you send out is the strength of the power that will return to you... Tripled. Your Magick Music weaves the Worlds.

Are you angry?


All anger comes from hurt through self-preservation.

Do you want Justice?

What is the Wound? The injustice perpetrated against you?

Admit the hurt and what you'd really like to do or have done-what would be Justice! Declare for it NOW-

Listen to yourself... hear what you are saying to you.

Your feelings, if in purple are justified. 

Always preface these releases of feelings with the Rede saying, "I wish harm to none, through Justice Deities may this be done."

Then spout off everything you'd like to see done. This will cause the physiological reaction in your Body, Soul, Spirit to release anger and heal the hurt within you.

You are not above violence, nor "too good" for that----but we must always keep it in meditation and release your emotions to the Spirit-- the One and All will know just what to do.

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