Working with Orange Energies

Energy Healing using the color Orange brings Focused Intentions, Self-Mastery, No Hesitation.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Orange bring a fiery focus to your life.

When you work in the Orange Energy Color Realm it means that you are dealing with energies affecting your deepest Wants/Needs/Desires and your own efforts to make things happen for yourself, no longer deferring to the wishes of others.

The meanings of Orange Energy tell us that sometimes we rely too heavily on what others think we should do, or want and this will cause us to be either depressed and give up or become aggressive in order to get what we really need.

Use the Energy Healing Properties of the Color Orange when you need to form your true intentions,(what you want to make happen), sort out your wants/needs/desires and then stop waiting for permission from someone else.... you do it!

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Orange:

  • Focus- Intentions
  • Forming and incubating
  • Art/Purpose
  • Abdominal/Lower Back Chakra
  • Self-Mastery
  • Directed Power

Orange is felt in the body in the lower abdomen and lower back as cramps or spasms. Orange can feel like the time for waiting and thinking are over. Orange is birthing time... labor, work, effort, and deliver! "Who says I can't?" is the question in Orange.

The Orange Personality: Orange people are the heat of the group. They don't need your attention but you better notice what they have done. They have worked hard, thought of every detail and put in overtime and feel there is nothing that can possibly be added to their work. Do not criticize!

The person wearing Orange might be feeling that they do not want to appear to be nagging or too demanding and just want you to take note of what they have done for you. They want you to be happy and pleased with their efforts. Show them courtesy through your actions, words are not even necessary. But watch out if you don't get the hint.... Orange people can snap without warning and anger is their strong suit! Wear Orange when you want to get some needed attention and to show how gracious and accomplished you are.

Decor with Orange: Orange in home decor or clothing is delicious! It is the stimulator of hungers and desires and sunny dispositions. It will bring a fresh start to mornings and so breakfast rooms and kitchens do well with Orange. If there is a work space where you need to focus and accomplish use it there but be sure you are well fed first or you will just be distracted. Orange is dry, bare-bones details, and focus; it wastes no time.

Spirit of Orange Questions:

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • What am I waiting for?
  • What do I need?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I desire?
  • Who says I can or can not?

Wants, Needs, Desires Taking Form, Art/Purpose, Vocation
  • Who are you supposed to be?
  • Who do you know you are?
  • Are you not feeling Master/Mistress of your own fate?
  • What is the Discontent?

In Orange we are ready to deal with issues involving our vocation, the task that we choose to accomplish in this Life time; the one we are suited for completely. 

What did I come into this lifetime to accomplish; to show forth?

What is my Art or my work or my true self, my authentic purpose for being here?

Sometimes when in Orange you won't admit your wants, needs, or desires, even to yourself; preferring to deem yourself inconsequential. At other times you'll aggressively push through anyone in your path to have your own way. 

Seek balance.

Am I afraid to succeed at my "dreams?"

Identify Needs as absolute necessities, food, shelter, acceptance, validation, touch.

Wants as specific things I'd like to obtain-this house, that necklace, this kind of partner.

Desires as dreams, ideals and goals perhaps seemingly unobtainable, but they are as necessary as needs, or one will become stagnant-- feel accomplished and stop reaching for ideals and dreams,--- or live life feeling deadened and depressed.

An excess of unused energy here will develop into a pot belly/ lower back problems! Middle years!

The more you use it, the more it flows, you don't use it up. The more "reasonable demand" the better.

Who in your life says:... You can't.... You shouldn't...

For what in this life do you wait?

This is one of the most important questions to answer when in Orange.

Are you waiting for permission? For someone to change? ...Retirement?

Stop waiting.

Be your true self now!

Don't be afraid to change the rules. 

Change, grow, evolve, succeed.

Are you ready to do the work of your Journey? Your Vocation is the task that you chose to accomplish in this lifetime?

Admit your wants, needs and desires and sort them into columns in your Journal.

When in Orange there may be times you actually feel pregnant; with ideas, purpose or even literally.

Then when the energies shift there can be a "labor" of bringing forth with real cramps and back pain.

Dare to make your dreams exist in reality. Take time to grow, change and form your True, Honorable, Wonderful Authentic Self.

Make it happen now!

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