Working with Green Energies

Energy Healing using the color Green brings Healing, Natural Balance, Tolerance, Abundance.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Green bring you openness to Love, Tolerance, Natural balance and equality. When you work in the Green Color Energy Realm, it means that you are dealing with energies affecting your ability to give and receive in healthy, balanced amounts, to release grief and to Heal.

The meanings of Green Energy tell us that sometimes we think that it is our duty to self-sacrifice at our own expense to show how kind we are or how good; or how bad "they" are. This can lead to excess, and over-work and self-martyrdom.

Actually, we need rest and play, too. We need to get not just give, for that is the breath of life. That reciprocal action moves the Universe; for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. 

Use the Energy Healing Properties of the Color Green when you need to find or re-structure balance in your self, a relationship or even who you are in this world.

Healing means to re-structure for the better.

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Green:

  • Tolerance- Balance
  • Give and Receive
  • Love- Healing
  • Heart Chakra
  • Abundance- Growth
  • Breath of Life- Thrive

Green is felt in the body in the chest, heart/lungs and arms and breasts as tightness, emptiness, heat or pain. Green can feel like you want to embrace the whole world or maybe just one someone special and never let go. Move, Accept, Love, Hold and Thrive with Green.

The Green Personality: Green people are sensitive. They like to be natural and casual, relaxed, friendly and loving, but can quickly become crushed if their happy friendship is rejected. They can be easily hurt emotionally.

The person wearing Green might be feeling like they just need a friend and want to be one. They may be feeling loving and all inclusive or that they are always excluded and so they will put up a wall of green chamoflage to hide away; just talk calmly and offer the Olive branch. 

Wear Green when you want to present an appearance of natural friendship and appreciation of others. Green brings the growth and abundance of Life to the structure of your relationships so that they will thrive.

Decor with Green: Green in home decor or clothing is unpretentious and natural. It will show friendly energies and promote a feeling of inclusiveness and acceptance of differences. Great for conference rooms and family rooms, the darker the better for calmness if good light is included. It compliments other natural colors and binds them together. Green is hearty and generous.

Green Spirit Questions

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • Whom do I Love?
  • What do I want to re-structure?
  • Am I Giving and Receiving?
  • Am I allowing others to be?
  • Do I need Prosperity? ...Abundance? ...Growth?

Healing, Acceptance, Giving and Receiving, Cleansing, Love Restructure

I love who you are.

We live in a Reciprocal Universe-for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Green is action.

The acts of:

  • validation
  • acceptance
  • giving and receiving
  • tolerance

...are all HEALING; as much to the one doing them as the one receiving them. 
This is the Breath of Life.

The Best Medicine of Acceptance of self's and other's fascinating facets and fractured flaws is soothing and healing; brings health and wholeness;

...but how do we get there?

Re-learning truths is the basis of restructuring your core beliefs.Your core beliefs are your inner workings... the structure of truths that you have learned and accepted; they support your life and how you present yourself to the world.

Occasionally, we must take them out, scrub them off and see how they are holding up to the changes that have occurred, the lessons we have learned. Especially if things are not quite as we would like them to be in our lives.

  • Examine them
  • cleanse them
  • re-order them
  • Truly think about and decide what you believe
  • Apologize when necessary

They are the skeletal structure of your life.

Realign with Mother Earth, Nature and Universal Truths that cannot be denied.

Seasons, Cycles, Colors, Universal clockwork, Respect, Comfort, Joy.

Opposites make a whole. They are not wrong "or" right but can be, under certain circumstances, wrong "and" right.

But always "Harm None" stands.

There is never an excuse for abuse.

What are you contributing to a difficult situation? … a good situation?

Sometimes when in Green there will be a fear to act; either because of being hurt yourself or of hurting someone else. Don't withhold acts of love but don't use them to simply please yourself; make yourself look good to you or others. Truly give these words and actions and then let go of them. Seek balance.

Hospitality, kindness and sharing, are very important concepts in Green Energy work. This means entertaining another being; hosting and not expecting another to be you, whether a Spirit or another person.

Allow self and others to be unique without fear of condemnation or aggression.

READ THAT AGAIN: Allow self and others to be unique without fear of condemnation or aggression.

Just Allow differences of opinions and goals. These do not detract anything from you.

This takes cleansing, healing, and acceptance.

Accomplish this by using the Calya Journey-Wise System and re-thinking your beliefs as you travel the Healing Color Realms.

Hospitality, Healing, Wholeness, Re-structure Core Beliefs.

Believe the Elements and how they work together. Believe that we are a part of the Natural World and subject to it's flow.

Green is all of the Actions of Love and the Realm where we allow another their failings; try to find their specialness and then applaud them for it! ...And if their failings have been exceedingly great; allow them to fail. We must take a deep breath, know that they have failed and send it over Forever Falls to be continued... on into this incredible Universe of Human Relationships.

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