Working with Blue Energies

Energy Healing using the color Blue brings True Self-Worth, Refined Timing, Family Joy are Yours in this Color Realm.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Blue bring a deep sense of joy to your life and a feeling that all is very well.

When you work in the Blue Energy Color Realm it means that you are dealing with energies affecting how you relate to your family tree... the genetics and the multitude of fascinating facets and fractured flaws that you have inherited. Now it is your turn to see what you can make of them.

The meanings of Blue Energy tell us that sometimes we rely too heavily on what others think we should do, or want and this will cause us to be either depressed and give up or become aggressive in order to get what we really need.

Metaphysically, in the timing of the Universe, it is time for you to have some joy. You have waited patiently in line and allowed  others needs to be met before your own and that is commendable; but now it is your turn. You need to add Blue to your life to  increase Family tolerance, empower your voice, and to remind yourself of what you are worth to you. Most importantly to step  into the perfect timing of your turn for success. Learn more about Crystal Healing; Crystals are the Time Keepers. It is crystal  clear that it is time for your turn at happiness.

Don't Know what you want...?

Use the Energy Healing Properties of the Color Orange when you need to form your true intentions,(what you want to make happen), sort out your wants/needs/desires and then stop waiting for permission from someone else.... you do it!

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Blue:

  • Self-Worth
  • Family Chain
  • Time- Start Again
  • Your Measure
  • Re-birth
  • Joy

Blue is felt in the body in the neck, throat and Thyroid as stiffness, sluggishness or hyper activity. Blue can feel like you are drowning and can't breathe or that you have to talk and talk. Feel self-worth, perfect timing and joy with Blue.

The Blue Personality: Blue people tend to stay out of the way because of the real or imagined priority of others. They like to be surrounded by family in a quiet setting, and can quickly crumble out of sorts when they are not feeling supported. They can be easily scared.

The person wearing Blue might be feeling like they just never heard. They may be feeling full of joy and like their ship has come in at last- give them their day. Wear Blue when you want to present a collected and solid appearance and remember Blue brings self-worth and timing will be the issue of the day--- either too late or too early.

Decor with Blue: Blue in home decor or clothing is orderly and makes you feel like you are in step with the world. It will show energies of resourcefulness and harmony! Great for rooms of any kind think of cleanliness, tidiness and camaraderie as the affects. It does not compete with other colors but orders them into the space. Blue is a joyful feast drawn from simplicity.

Blue Spirit Questions

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • Who am I in my Family chain?
  • Are genetic patterns of behavior affecting my life?
  • Am I always late? ...too early?
  • What is it my turn to be?
  • Do I know my place in the Universe?

Energy to Express Self, Building Self-Worth, Place, Uniqueness, Timing

My turn to be _________!    What a Joy!

Take Time! ...for yourself stop and think.

Remember who you are genetically, a link in a chain. Unique, you are, but the same. We strive so hard in our youth to figure out who we are... so sure we are not like our parents... but you can only get DNA and characteristics from your parents, your family. Your ancestors live within you. Look to them to help you approve of yourself and understand why you make the choices you make.

Shared companionship is important for self worth and identity-your Family, Home town, State, Country, Planet, Reality, and your sub-culture. Like-minded friends and acquaintances give us Power to express self, without forfeit or fear of rejection.

Recognize and be recognized. Take time to mourn-then Journey on.

Mourn those who have gone on out of your life or passed on to the other world; then Journey on. Do not live in the past or the future... because "Now" exists for you as a jewel-take it. Make of it what you will, keep trying until your life becomes what you want it to be.

In order to do this you must first:

  • Decide what it is you truly want
  • Devise a plan- how could you get it into your Life?
  • What would you need to do? How hard would the work of it be?
  • Fully understand what you and others may have to give up, sacrifice, in order for you to have it

How would it feel to have what you want? What would the consequences be? Take what you need absolutely without guilt; as long as it does not harm another; is not against the law or the laws of Spirit.

Sometimes when in Blue, you'll fear that what you have to say or offer, your want or plan, is not given worth or merit and so not speak. At other times you'll hear yourself repeating the same information over and over again to anyone who will listen. Seek balance.

When in Blue, define your genetic attributes and family history; the Family Behavioral Patterns and the talents you have to accomplish your goal and those which hinder you. You are a unique combination of ancestors and it's your time to try to work it out; this Life-Puzzle. 

This is your lifetime so don't try to live out another's; not a family member's nor one of your past lives.

Do not take more than you need, but take appropriate nourishment, time, attention, and money. Know the difference between wants, needs, and desires and adjust the amounts. see Orange...

  • Is your timing off?
  • Do you arrive at a point of understanding before others or are you always too late? attention
  • Do you speak when you should hold back or vice versa?...balance
  • Do you know "your place?" ...this is not a control issue
  • Are you carrying a Burden of "what might have been ...if only?"

Go to the Crystal River of Time in the Blue Meditation and get a new timepiece. Ancestor energies will help you to know and align with precise timing. Ask them to flow through you. 

Accept what you have at this time and Journey from there.

Your self worth, what you are worth to yourself, needs to be balanced by mistakes, so acknowledge them.

Work on your place in Time. Eat, Drink and be Merry! Feast with Family and listen to who you are. Don't fight it-Rejoice in it!

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