~ Willow Wand ~ London, UK ~

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived an ordinary life. Her name Suzie Baker. She had a very creative mind and found solace when she travelled in her dreams. Her life was poor and there wasn’t many art materials, so with the few pencils she had would draw on any scraps of paper she could find. She would search the clouds for unicorns and dragons. Where ever she looked she could see the Fae. She grew and all she wanted to do was become an artist. To paint the worlds as she saw them. But alas times were hard and she would not find sponsorship for college. She had to go to work in a mundane job to bring in the pennies.  

Although suppressed, through circumstances and raising her own family she never swayed from her dream.  Whenever she found a moment she would draw and paint.  “My dream of becoming an artist was not a dream, I AM the artist and as soon as I realized this; my work started to develop on another level. My muse kept giving me the name Willow Wand. At first I thought spirit wanted me to make a Willow Wand which I did but no - I still kept being given the message.  So; I work artistically under the name Willow Wand, and sign my work by my birth initials”

Today Willow Wand produces such works from her visions.  Her back ground of being naturally psychic and travelling worlds through meditation and dreams continues to give inspiration.  “Mother Nature gives me much inspiration as through her we can reach other levels.” Willow continues to explore different levels of life and this is reflected in her art, on a continued journey through creative expression. “Life is always in motion nothing is static, continuous evolution in expression”

Willow Wand has works of art in private collections internationally; France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., Canada as well as Scotland and England.  With her  Pagan, Healing and Reiki Background her works are infused with energy.  

“As I travel the road of life, I have found my darkest times were my greatest teachers. And this has helped me develop where I am now and I continue to explore by colouring outside the lines” … 

“I am grateful to the unseen hands that gently guide me and fill me with inspiration, so I can continue to inspire others” 

"Art is my World..... Bright Blessings to all that view and like my page, please share and remember to add me to your  favorites and visit 
often.  New work flowing constantly".




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