Whale comes to us today to ask us to examine our own use of creativity and reintroduces us to our creative and intuitive energies to show us a talent we've forgotten about or haven't been aware existed.

The whale appears while you are opening up to your creativity, spirituality, psychic abilities like telepathy and intuition. The whale is there to guide you and tell you to use your creativity to bring about great changes in your life. You should make use of the self awareness the new relationship you have with your inner self, creativity just for the sake of creativity isn't enough, and you need to apply your knowledge to it to make things work for you.

Whale signifies that you may have had some creative inspiration lately that you NEED to follow up on! Don't put your ideas off until later, as you are being divinely guided right now. Pay special attention to thoughts, words, ideas, numbers or other repetitive signs all around you. Make time to indulge in creative activities that you enjoy such as painting, drawing, writing, dancing or crafting of any kind as these activities free up your conscious, ego-driven mind and give voice to your sub-conscious, intuitive spirit-mind.

Given whales habitat is the water realms he also deals with emotions too. The whale brings emotional creativity, well-being, nurturing as well as emotional depth.

Whale reminds us that we have natural gifts that can actually enhance the natural world if only we choose to use them wisely.









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