Unicorn comes to you today to activate the gifts of 7th dimensional clairvoyance and healing abilities within you.

Your healing powers come from within, they are your true soul destiny and it is time for you to rejoice.

Your struggles have been many but they are now ending as you enter a brand new dawn. Rejoice for now all is changing. You are ready for these changes; you are ready to become the you that you chose to be.

Now is the time, feel the power surging up from within, feel the energy soaring and raging. Embrace it and do not fear it for fear is what is holding you back.

Open up to the light and the love that is present. Open to the destiny that has now unfolded. Love light and happiness are yours now for the taking if only you embrace them with your heart.

You have the power to decide and the time has come to make that decision. Make it wisely and watch how the miracles unfold in your life.






















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