Svargo Florian
California, USA

Svargo Florian is an artist whose unique approach to the creative spirit is founded upon the all-encompassing principle of oneness. Svargo is very clear about the interconnectivity between all things and it is this awareness that he carries as an ornament of wisdom through both his creative and daily life. 

After having laid a firm foundation for artistic understanding in the Cologne Art Academy (Koelner Werkkunstschulen) and Dusseldorf State Academy of Arts in Germany, as well as the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in Austria, Svargo began a journey that took him on a carousel of life experiences that ultimately gelled together in his insightful and aesthetically rewarding paintings. 

As a qualified teacher and practitioner of meditation Svargo has deftly interwoven the principles of Zen into his creative process, producing artworks that evoke feelings of contemplative stimulation while simultaneously gently inviting the viewer into a state of ease, serenity and well being. 

Svargo primarily uses watercolors to transform his meditative visions into excursions of beautiful color, and the results are self evident, joyous, disarming works of art that interact with the viewer in a way laced with loving kindness. 

Svargo also loves to share his crystallized talents, and among other enterprises he conducts ongoing painting classes that encourage students to learn from his extensive experience while finding their own unique identity as they travel along their personal artistic journey. 

Svargo would love to hear any comments about his creations and also sincerely hopes that you enjoy viewing them as much as he enjoys creating them.




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