Sloth comes to us today with the ability to see all that is above, below and around us. He increases our awareness of the realm of psychic visions.

You are encouraged to understand the tree spirits and to gain access to the libraries within the trees where all Earth knowledge is held

Sloth reminds us that we have an uncanny ability to see clearly and hold strong visionary gifts. He encourages us to nurture these gifts in a grounded way in order to fully develop and be utilized.

Sloths are loners and do not enjoy being in crowds. Now is a time for solitude in nature.

Listen to your inner voice of many things that have to be given up over the next following 12 months. Immune systems might be low as intolerance's of chemicals become increasingly agitating to your body, mind and spirit. Listen to your body, pay close attention to the harness of those around you. Remove and extricate yourself from harmful environments as much as possible.

Listen to your inner voice in quiet and solitude spending time meditating with the trees for this is your medication and healing. Use appropriate high vibrational crystals such as Kunzite to bring healing and transformation to your heart chakra.

New levels of density need to be removed and only in quiet rest, solitude and meditation can the stillness resonate through your spirit.

Nature, exercise, nourishment and meditation are going to help you through this period in your life.




















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