Art of Meditation

Geometric paintings created in a meditative state. Every mandala contains special medicine and high frequency healing energy. These paintings are empowering, inspirational and transformative with an emphasis on manifesting your intentions, healing and goals.

Boho Chic Designs

Combining Bohemian and Chic. A little Hippy with a Vintage twist! Boho Chic Designs creates healing, organic, colorful, detailed and inspired pieces of jewelry, hair accessories and more! Every creation is infused with good vibes and meaning.

Digital Design Projects

I am a self taught Photoshop Artist. I have access to 1000's of stock images and have the ability to build a high resolution digital image from scratch. Some of the projects I have done in the past are websites, oracle cards, logos, flyers, business cards, music album covers, yoga clothing, home decor, apparel, stationery and more!

Magical Mama

This is a wonderful experience for the mother-to-be! A relaxing day of reiki healing, mandala body art, professional photo shoot, 5 professional images, video and printing! Great prices and package option!


Readings are so healing and can offer us all such clarity and confirmation in our lives. I  have been working on my spiritual development since 2008 which has enabled me to open myself psychically and become a better reader with every year. I work psychically and use all of my clair senses, although not all at the same time! I have mediumistic abilities, it's not something I control other than Open and Close. Spirit knows which senses to tap into for me to be able to make the connections for our reading. 

Redbubble Shop

My Redbubble Shop is packed with my High Vibe designs offered to you printed on a HUGE variety of products at great prices, delivered worldwide. I have been happy with Redbubble quality and service and encourage you to head over to the shop to check out all the unique and wonderful things I have in store. 


Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.  It is wonderful to receive and anyone can learn to open as a channel. Anyone can be attuned, from children to the elderly.