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I am grateful for your interest in my work. Thank you for being here. 

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Art of Meditation

Geometric paintings created in a meditative state. Every mandala contains special medicine and high frequency healing energy. These paintings are empowering, inspirational and transformative with an emphasis on manifesting your intentions, healing and goals.

Digital Design Projects

I am a self taught Photoshop Artist. I have access to 1000's of stock images and have the ability to build a high resolution digital image from scratch. Some of the projects I have done in the past are websites, oracle cards, logos, flyers, business cards, music album covers, yoga clothing, home decor, apparel, stationery and more!


I am offering Reiki Distant Healing/Chakra Balancing sessions. Online Reiki Attunements and a range of Activations designed to raise your vibration!

As part of my spiritual development I have explored so many different healing modalities and each one has truly helped me develop my own healing style which I express through the Infinite Love Foundation. So far,  I have discovered that I am definitely not bound by time or space and I do a lot of my healing work with people in my astral body. The spirit world call me ‘Dream Walker’. In a Soul Reading I was told I am a Dream Master. Many times I have been told I have been in people's dreams, not just now and then but all of the time! Even people I have never met before have reported vivid dream experiences with me. I definitely feel like I am off to another world when I sleep or if I meditate. 

I am a qualified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Metatronia Therapy Attuned, Light Ray of Compassion Attuned, and have studied Astrology, Colour Therapy, the Tarot, Aromatherapy, Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology, Psychology, and many other subjects of interest. 

I have created my own Reiki Manuals and Online Course, Infinite Love Foundation, so that I can share reiki with anyone in the world as long as we have internet and video calling! It's wonderful and allows me to connect with my students 1-2-1 for a more personalized experience of unfolding. 

Redbubble Shop

My Redbubble Shop is packed with my High Vibe designs offered to you printed on a HUGE variety of products at great prices, delivered worldwide. I have been happy with Redbubble quality and service and encourage you to head over to the shop to check out all the unique and wonderful things I have in store. 

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