Selene Aswell ~ Zagreb, Croatia

Priestess Selene Aswell is an Ambassador of Compassion, Appointed and Attuned by Quan Yin. She emanates the Lightray of Compassion with her being, and frequently transmit this 12th dimensional ray for healing and teaching purposes.

Born in 1987 as Haley Carpenter, a naturally social and joyful person, with innate leadership and listening skills, and an unconscious but active sense of the divine. While growing up, she easily journeyed beyond her body, developing skills which she uses now as an adult. At the age of 9, she helped turn an apartment complex into a thriving community, as the result of a sense of freedom and an open heart.

Always an advanced student, she attended the Savannah Arts Academy, a high school that required students to apply and maintain a certain grade average. There she studied visual art and took advanced English and History. In 2004 she attended the Governor's Honors Program, a summer camp for nerds you could say, where she furthered improved her writing. It was there that she first consciously acknowledged her spiritual beliefs were different that the Baptist Church in which she had been raised. She began playing with energy that summer.

During her senior year of high school she began consciously channeling. That year she was asked by her Sunday School teacher if she felt “called to the ministry”, due to her easy understanding of bible verses and her natural way of teaching them to her friends. She replied that she did not feel called to the ministry, but in fact she IS. At that time, she had no idea that there were more options to her to teach and spread peace beyond the confines of Christianity.

She graduated from high school in 2005. Before leaving for college, a much respected teacher spoke to her about the future and life. Just before saying goodbye, her teacher paused and became serious, sharing that she felt it her duty to say something important. “I think you are going to be a spiritual leader.”

Attending the Evergreen State College gave her the time and space she needed to begin to discover her truth. She was attuned to Reiki in 2007, becoming a Reiki Master and going on to study Laser Reiki. She graduated with a BA in Community Studies in 2008. She renamed herself Selene Aswell as an expression of her commitment to live her spirituality and her authentic self fully, for all to see. In 2009, she emerged as Priestess to the World.

She dedicated the next few years of her life to doing nothing but clearing herself of heavy energies and working directly with the Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Metatron. She was introduced to the tales of Lemuria and became a channel of Adama, High Priest of Telos. She channeled Ashtar Sheran of the Galactic Federation and uncovered many many soul memories of life during the time of Yeshua the Christed Man, life in Atlantis as Priest, Priestess, and Mermaid, and service on other planets.

Quan Yin first spoke to Selene in September of 2010, when she was first called to Mt Shasta. As a representative of Telos, Selene shares messages and teachings from the people of Telos. While camping on the mountain side, Selene felt Quan Yin’s request to channel her. She sat in the Lotus Position, and allowed Quan Yin to speak through her for the first time. In that moment, Quan Yin bestowed upon Selene and her friends the Mark of Compassion, a glowing symbol indicating their commitment to walking on Earth as emanations of the Compassion Lightray. Quan Yin told these 3 women that they would teach her messages of Peace, Loving Kindness, and Compassionate Action.

After that trip to Mt Shasta, Selene spiraled into a deep depression through which she processed much karma and prepared to allow more and more of her soul to shine through her current experience of self. She met her twin flame and felt her life really begin to take off! Falling in love opened Selene to experiencing even greater amounts of extremely high vibrations and allowed her to quickly clear even more karma, while motivating her to become more and more successful in her desire to help people to become all that they are and experience such joy in life.

While visiting her Beloved in the summer of 2012, Selene felt Quan Yin’s presence again. Quan Yin asked Selene if she would like to co-create a new healing modality. She informed her that together they would teach many people, write books, and help to create changes in the world. Selene wholeheartedly agreed. Over the next few months, Quan Yin gradually introduced Selene to the vibration of Compassion, through meditations and information downloads. That fall, Selene began offering her New Moon Transmission of the Compassion Lightray, which was well received by those who experienced the energies.

As her work with Compassion and Quan Yin continues, Selene has noticed a great relaxing of her life-- enjoyment is easier, peace is easier, meditation is easier, transmutation of karma is easier. She is beginning to imagine the grand scope of the impact of these energies and how she will be the vessel for social change, by sharing a deeper understanding of Compassion. In addition to offering transmissions (personalized and group), Selene is now offering attunements to the Divine emanation of Compassion.


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