Reiki Attunements with Frankey Craig

WORKSHOPS HELD IN North and South Carolina

Thanks to my amazing Reiki Masters Suzie Noble & Maja Larson for taking me on this amazing journey and for having the belief in my abilities!

'Reiki' is a Japanese word. Pronounced 'Ray - key'

'Rei' is defined as 'Universal life giving'

'Ki' is defined as 'Energy'

= Universal life giving energy

This energy is known by different names in other cultures. e.g. 'Chi' in China and 'Prana' in India. It is the natural healing energy of unconditional love. Love is the most powerful of all healing tools.

A Reiki session can restore a state of peace and well being. If there is too much energy in an area or not enough the person is not balanced and the result is potential for illness. 

The difference between Spiritual Healing and Reiki is that in Reiki, the student receives attunements during training, and in the second level they learn symbols to use as a focus for directing energy. These attunements clear blockages in the practitioners energy field, the result is to reawaken and align the student to the source, so they can become a clear channel for unconditional love. 

The attunements also unlock the individuals potential, by raising the frequency within the individual. The source can be called anything the practitioner chooses: God, Goddess, Creative force, Universe, Nature, etc. as the belief system does not effect the flow of effectiveness. The Reiki attunement and to be a healer is not a religion, and is free of dogma, in fact it is used by people of many different philosophies and religions all over the world.

Many people experience a spiritual connection when giving and receiving Healing, a feeling of 'wholeness' and of being 'one' with creation.

Learning to use the energies and the attunements are straight forward. As soon as the attunement has taken place, the healing energy will begin to flow through your hands whenever you wish to use it. The person remains a channel for life and no re-attunement is necessary.

Healing is Holistic, which means it treats the whole person, mind, body, spirit. The cause of most illnesses can be found at deeper levels of emotional being. Healing goes to where it is needed, not always the sight of the pain, but can work on an emotional level which is often the cause e.g. a headache caused by stress, in which case by receiving healing the recipient feels calmer and a sense of well being which helps the headache subside.

Anyone can learn to open as a channel; the Reiki attunement makes one a more effective channel. Anyone can be attuned, from children to the elderly.

The attunements raise your vibrational frequency, and clear blockages within your energy field. It can also bring higher levels of consciousness and increase spiritual awareness.

When you start to channel Reiki, things start to happen on a subtle level. Your intuition starts to develop, you may become more psychic. You become more aware of energies that surround you. There may be an increase in synchronicity; you become more aware of your lifestyle and an increase in your creativity. 

Reiki Workshops

Reiki I Workshop

LEARNING TO OPEN OUR ENERGY TO REIKI - Energy, Chakras, Tuning In for Self Healing

1 Day 12-5pm


Manual and Certificate included

Reiki II Workshop

LEARNING TO SHARE REIKI WITH OTHERS - Taking Reiki I Knowledge further, working with others, learning reiki symbols and more energy healing techniques. 

1 Day 10-6pm


Manual and Certificate included.

We advise you wait at least one year for your Master Reiki Training after Reiki II.

Advanced Reiki Master Workshop

LEARNING TO TEACH REIKI TO OTHERS - Master symbols, opening our intuition and extrasensory abilities further, master healing techniques.  

2 Days 10-6pm


Manual and Certificate included.

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