Red Cardinal comes to visit today to reminds us that no matter what time of the day or year it is,
there is always the opportunity to recognize our inner and outer beauty.

See beauty as something you already ARE – not as something you lack. When you look in the mirror – do you have your blinders on searching for a “standard” that has been impressed upon you? The beauty IS inside you – The Beauty is YOU – it is your energy, your vibration, your essence – sit with this and let it wash over you, for it is all encompassing once you allow it to be.

You are pure and true beauty on all levels through all space and time – this is how you were created – this is how you will remain. You came from the Source – You are Divine Love and you are a reflection the Source – you are the Source – the Source is you – there is no separation. The Source has no concept of lack or flaw – of wrinkles or flab, or grey hair – You are always seen as perfection as you are when you were created.

Look inside for this beauty – The beauty is in you. Feel the power of this loving vibration. You ARE beauty – you ARE loved – KNOW this as truth!

It is time to pay attention to your health and well-being. Jazz up your wardrobe and add colour to your life and to remember that everything you do is important. It is also a time to listen to the feminine side, the aspects of creativity and intuition.













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