Tree of Life Bound Blessing Reading for OPA by Maja Larson



~ Bound Blessing ~

 By Maja Larson

The Tree of Life Alphabet


Our Psychic Art

OPAs Birthday 10/28/2008

Numbers have always held the power to reveal and hide information. From codes created to transmit secret information to the Gematria Practiced in ancient religions. Numbers and letters have the power to Reveal and hide the divine within.

The Inspirited Imagery created for you was made using the letters/ Symbols assigned to the Tree of Life, the ancient Mandela for Enlightenment. Each letter has a symbol associated with it. There are 22 symbols which include the Zodiac, the elements and the planets.

Working with your Soul in mind, I combine the symbols that are Revealed in your name to create a Visual focus for you to use in Creative meditation. The Numerology is based on adding the numbers that are revealed in your name. 


Soul Number/ created by adding the vowels; 8

Personality Number/ by adding all the consonants; 6

Name Number/adding the vowels and consonants together; 5

Karmic Number/ adding the hidden numbers; 2, 4, 5

Intensity Number/ number most repeated in name; 3

The outer symbol of the Sun or Radiant life in The Major Healing Tarot or The Higher Self in the companion series for the Tree of Life all radiate to the number 6.  This is how Our Psychic Art aka OPA vibrates in life. To the key note of Harmony of self reliance, of self trust, of sacrifice of the ego all lessons of the 6. 

The Inner aim if you will is held in the vibrations of the number 8.  This is represented by the Feather in the Tree of life Series with Our Psychic art and vibrates to the color orange.  The accumulation of knowledge is one aspect of this energy, on a mental level but on a soul level The Thinking self describes the law of will and intent.  Of application of the Meta sciences of the realization that energy follows thought. A very important distinction in the midst of the early period of the Age of Aquarius.  Color is the language of the soul, to starve our selves by embracing Materialistic values as our core causes life to loose color and hue and saturation, we detach no longer connected to the realm that exists to inspire us. Balance is key.  The Eight as the Soul Number for Our Psychic Art says to me Eternal in the shape of the figure eight on it’s side, the Mobius strip is also called to mind, if you take that figure eight and spin it like a propeller you see a Flower of Life in the air as it whips around.

A flowering of light through change. The Name number of Our Psychic Art is represented by the number 5. Red in color the energies of this sphere on the Tree of life inspire Courage and Testing, a willingness to check the validity of our ideals…to check if we have become a concept frozen in time or if we have remained organic fluid like a wave, harmonic ever broadcasting that Universal Chorus for all that have ears to hear.

Opa’s creative Karma stems from three archetypes the Creative Self (2) the Constructive Self (4) and the Restrained Self (5) what immediately comes to mind is the Do without Doing aspect of Zen.  Art does without Doing. No one can force harmony or inspiration, one either is or isn’t and since no one is exactly alike you can’t really predict with complete accuracy who will find what inspiring. Sure they devote millions to research to determine just exactly that…advertising and marketing…who will want what. Art in its purist sense cannot deliver consistent predictable and inspiring at the same time. Art inspires because it allows us to be for an instant (which is often enough) Up Lifted, Opened up, Enlightened.  Change is remaining aware of the wave like nature of life and living. It’s everywhere, even the DNA strand is wave like spiral strands that coil around themselves tiny little genii in bottles. To stay creative Our Psychic Art does without doing, reflects the lesson of the Truth card in The Major healing tarot.  This is the path that joins the Restrained Self (5) and the Constructive Self (4) on the Tree of Life. Traditionally represented by The Strength card, and often as a woman holding open the jaws of the Lion without any effort…doing without doing.  Co-operation with the Natural forces within the self, awareness of ones own need for change and sharing that evolution with another is very inspiring. And definitely in keeping with the mission statement.

The Intensity number is 3 and is represented by The Present in the Major Healing Tarot, the gift of the power of now.  Also it’s the number of the Silent Self in the Companion series.  The Great Mother, the great primordial lake of potential, of understanding that we are all just holding hands on the road home.

By embracing change we need to cultivate a state of Faith, of acceptance.  Our Psychic Art asks that we all take a leap of Faith and let our higher self speak to us through our faculty of the imagination.  This is often a degraded aspect of the human psyche in the educational world. But it’s a vitalizing principal in life. It is a very important aspect of the Human Mind and the Inner worlds form of communication. Many of mankind’s issues today stem from neglect of the Inner world and its means of communication, and the ways to help work with yourself as an integrated personality are very much rooted in Creativity. Healing comes from embracing our creative self.  The Creative Self (2) and the Silent Self are joined by the Major Healing Tarot card the Present. Art is intimate; its intention is a personal one, one of shared enjoyment. For surely if it is shared with love by its creator it inspires love in all who see it.  

The Present moment is the acceptance of the Great Mystery and its eternal unfolding ever revealing its secrets.  Art is always a surprise, you seldom end up where you originally envision yourself going, you start and then the work takes you. When we give ourselves willingly to the Involutionary process that is stimulated by creating inspired are, we co create harmony in our lives and in the world and collective unconscious of all who see the work and resonate with its energy and tones.

Art speaks to us on more levels than one as does the Bound Blessing image for Our Psychic Art.

The Symbols of the Tree of Life

When we look at the name of Our Psychic Art we can transcribe the letters into their corresponding symbols on The Tree of Life. And by combining them create an image that reflects the energy and aim of Our Psychic Art and her community of creative spirits.










 As I looked over the symbols illuminated by the name, I felt a very discus like shape take hold, of a spinning disc that receives and releases energy.  The Cancer energy is very nurturing enclosing, providing emotional safety, housed within its interlocking yin yang shape is the Sun and Jupiter, representing the jovial and generous nature of the Art and Artists at Our Psychic Art.  Expansion of the awareness of hearts and minds, which is the joy of creating with Our Psychic Art.  The Saturn at the tip of the down ward thrusting end is met also by the arrow of the Archer.  Art comes and goes, is born lives dies and is gone to be reborn again. Inspiration is of the Phoenix just as is creation.  To be born something must die. Art challenges our perceptions of art yes, but also of ourselves, if someone has created art that is designed to heal and uplift, and we are not finding ourselves in this state from our viewing it, is it not us rather than the art that is not uplifting and healing.  To be able to give we must also be able to receive to find ourselves and love ourselves in what we find outside ourselves that calls to harmony and balance.

This calling is the mystery of Air in the Taurus in the center.  Isis is a strong energy over at Opa, and she is often portrayed by the sign of the bull, a triple goddess Isis was mistress of many arts and muse for many artists both ancient and modern.  We see her mysteries of death and rebirth in our times today. Of faith and wisdom of seeking the counsel of the higher self of being guided and inspired on our journey.

The strong Pinks and magentas are very soothing in the image. They seem to reach out to sooth and wrap a blanket around the viewer, the golden green auras signaling birth and joy and new life.  The Warm sunset colors call the energies of the Phoenix having risen from its ashes and rising into the sky.  Blazing and warm and glittering with potential. The lines call to mind Reiki Healing Grids, ley lines, energy meridians, chi, and energy moving reflecting the interconnectedness of all living things. 

Our Psychic Art is well guided and offers a great deal of healing of the heart for any who want to take a second to open to spirit.






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