Rune Script Bound Blessing for Our Psychic Art - By Maja Larson




I recently felt inspired to create a Bound Blessing set of images in honor of Our Psychic Arts 3 rd birthday in October 2011.

The first form I was drawn to working with was the Rune Script.

I very much enjoy working with Runes; they have a very blue color in my minds eye, and for me heal on an emotional level. Helping to redirect my aims and inspire me.

The Runes that are found in the name are a wonderful set that speak to the heart and core of the website. I would say at this point the Bound Blessing also has come to represent the members as well as the 8 (to date artists), the combined energetic signature of artist and appreciator. And since we often end up on both sides it’s a self sustaining circuit.









Separation or Shedding away, Mystery or Fate , Disruption or Transformation , Standstill or Stillness, Harvest, Action, Wholeness, Strength.

Our Psychic Art was born three years ago on October the 28. Frankey Craig wanted to offer a community of creative expression for the spirit.

Looking at the Runic Bound Blessing I would say she got what she wanted.

The overall image presents itself with a building or housing structure, on a foundation. In our Psychic arts case, it is built on Transformation and Strength.

The effects of Intuitive/Psychic/ Channeled/ Healing Energy ART is a magical alchemy of mind and soul, which empowers the spirits desire for evolution in man.

 Upon this foundation of strength of will and vision, rests a cup, or Perth. This rune seems to nestle and protect with in itself the desire for new growth through separation of old ideas and ways of seeing the world and Reality as we know it.

When we enjoy art and allow it to lift us and move us, we also open up energetically to light and love, and Our Psychic Arts aim is to help us all find love, via art, art created by conscious creators. Whether one of us is channeling a spirit in the other realm or channeling healing energy we are all conscious of our desire to bridge the gap between mind and soul. To navigate life and living with an inspired mind and an impassioned heart.

This growth this separation, allows for new life to spring up from the center or the core, the soul. This new life strives immediately for the light of Inspiration and Love Unconditional offered by The Divine.

The arrow of action that comes from the nurtured and protected heart grows un fettered in its chosen direction, the community of artists and appreciators combined creates the strength of direction. Deep within the foundations of Our Psychic Art rests its true power, growth and harvest of the Soulful self.

 We are all changed by the art we create and in turn appreciate! Creativity is a limitless fountain from which we all can draw on, and every artist housed in Our Psychic art can attest to the new heights one can reach when creativity is shared and encouraged.

 We all stand to gain a better understanding of the mystery of our various forms of creative expression by our participation in such a great organization.

I noticed and was guided to highlight the sign of peace that is present at the top of the house of psychic art. What we all strive to achieve as we work, the zone of peace and stillness that allows us to better serve as channels for the love and light of the Universe.

 So thank you for all your love light and believing eyes, members and fellow artists alike!

 With light and love

 Maja xx




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