Ogham Bound Blessing Reading for OPA by Maja Larson 


Ogham Alphabet

The ancient Celtic alphabet of the Trees is a rich and deep tradition. The alphabet provides correspondences with Trees we can still interact with today, and by doing so create a bridge between modern and ancient wisdom. Each letter/tree has three meanings, physical, mental and spiritual.

By combing for you the letters revealed in your name, I can create a focus for you to use during meditation that will bring into your space the healing energies and vibrations of the sacred Trees.

The Ogham of Our Psychic Art

The Trees that Our Psychic Art resonates to are: -

Yew x2


As it turns out the Ogham had two distinct messages contained within its structure. One that represented the energy of Our Psychic Art as a collective of practioners and appreciators. The other was a reading for the artists about their work with the Green World guides of Our Psychic Art.

As a group, the symbols that immerged from the order of the threes was that there are 3 letters that form part of the first 10 trees, and then 5 letters that are a part of the outer circle of 10 trees. The total of 20 in the divination Ogham. This resonates to the number 8. But on a symbolic level translated to me as the Peace symbol within the circle. The 3 levels of creative existence as viewed in the ancient systems and the 5 elements of man that combined facilitate the growth and celebration of the 6th sense. Creating the circle of wholeness, of the sun and creation. Peace and brother hood is the Green world message of Our Psychic Art.

Guarding the magic created when we sit with beauty whether it be in the natural world or in the Otherworld. The inner trees are Willow, Hawthorn and Holly. All seeming very dire trees on the surface, reflecting the sacred nature of the heart of what our Psychic Art stands for. Peace. Wholeness. Acceptance, and will.

The willow is a strong psychic tree, the hawthorn is a protective spirit, and Holly is the one that lies on both sides, the half way or Visionary tree. The desire to see the secrets of the Otherworld, as channeled at Our Psychic Art ask that you open to see past the surface to the important energies that fuel the strength of the art. Inspiration, is the In spiriting of a thing or idea, within these three trees on the inner level we find great capacity for change and new light to flower.

The outer trees that create the circle that feeds the inner trees are:


Yew x2

Our Psychic art speaks strongly but gently to the strength of soul through the Furze tree energies. This trees energy, realize the need for cleansing and making oneself ready to receive the spirit of inspiration. When we approach any form of art we are engaging ourselves in its energy and its spirit. OPA’s spirit makes ready the right royal road of peace. Through healing art in all forms.

The heather further reminds us that cleansing the area allows for new growth, rebirth. When we approach art that helps to heal and lift up the personal self to the higher self, it’s useful to remember that we need to tell ourselves to Open up to it. And to receive it.

So just as the mystics say, make ready your rooms to receive the spirit.

Let the art shift and open your energy, allowing the Peace of light and love to follow. It’s important to remember the soul of the art, and to respect its power to help us if we let it.

The yew reminds us that when we are inspired by art, we allow nothing else to infringe upon it. Once we are willing in spirit, spirit takes over, and we rest. We are carried in the arms of the yew trees. The two trees in the name spoke to me of great arms carrying us.





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