Hebrew Alphabet Bound Blessing Reading for OPA by Maja Larson



Hebrew Alphabet Bound Blessing

By Maja Larson

Our Psychic Art

OPAs Birthday 10/28/2008

The Hebrew Alphabet is said to represent the word of the Creator, that the letters are packages of energy and information and most importantly the divine spark of creation.

The ancient letters hold within their energetic structure, its own Truth, its own Signature of spirit.  And the imagery created with their energy is of a very high vibration, and will serve to raise your own personal vibration. Meditation with this image will help inspire and guide you to your Highest Good, bringing balance and harmony and fearlessness to you in your life.

Once reduced the letters left in the Our Psychic Art name are;

Vav (stake)

Samhek (Prop)

Cheth (Fence)

Kaph (Palm)

Yod (Hand)

For me these symbols came together to form a lantern. A lantern of Light as well as a Stone of Destiny with a Hand that holds the sword like the lady in the Lake. She held aloft Excalibur, where as with Our Psychic Art who holds aloft the Eternal flame of Inspiration. Like the eternal flame of the Goddess Brigit or the Lamps of the early scribes, man’s desire to make sense of himself within himself as well as with the world around him is well surmised in the energy of the Bind rune for Our Psychic Art.   

The wave like colors echo the truth that nothing lasts for ever, that we all burn brightly for a time and then fade into the next life of light.  The Glyph itself isn’t opaque the energies came in very in tune with the world around itself.  Burning brightly as the orbs show, but also one with its space. 

The guides and energies of the celestial energies of Our Psychic Art are also advocates for a sense of humor, as my final resonance with the Hebrew Bound Blessing image is of a Cup Cake. Celebrating the spirit that is Our Psychic Art and her loving family of Artists.  Though we will certainly shift and grow over the years to come, the tapestry of Opa shifting and changing like a wave to reflect this, Our Psychic Art will always be enhanced by its artists and in return enrich them with the love and light that comes from doing something from love.  There is no greater gift, no wish one could really want other than to know and live in love. Not just to fall into it, but to practice it daily and all the Artists at Our Psychic Art Endeavour to enrich one another’s lives through their inspirations of spirit. We all feed one another, bounce off one another, and celebrate this as it gives us more to share with the audience, more inspiration to offer.  More healing more love. There is truly an endless supply as the Spirit of Our Psychic Art came through so well to say, Celebrate, Salute and Shine!  You are welcome wanted and loved by the Divine!






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