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Any art medium or media can be used!

Psychic, Shamanic, Reiki, Inspired or Channelled art covers different forms of artistic expression that are powerful representations and conductors of energy. Most often these are created simply through intention and with no logical plan; guided primarily by a subtle psychic sense (intuition).

Psychic Art has a way of speaking to you through the imagery, colours, shapes, symbols, textures and faces etc. They have a tendency to effect people sometimes at a profound level.

By exploring where the inner world and outer worlds meet, through our psychic senses, our bodies chakras and meditation we can create so much that is beyond previous limitation and we can learn how to step over the line of TRUST; allowing creativity and inspiration to flow effortlessly from the 'zone'.

Anyone can try this. More than likely at first, you won't even realize what you have achieved. The trick is not to be judgmental of your artwork and never disregard it. If there is no obvious picture look at what colours are there and what they mean to you.

Psychic art comes in many forms and is not always artwork – why not explore this?

Download each lesson and see where your guides take you.

This course has been specifically designed to help you to develop your creative, mediumistic and psychic abilities. You can do each lesson as many times as you wish and may find some a bit more interesting than others so, go with what you feel most inspired by because this is where the flow is.

Please note that these lessons are completely FREE but if you are experiencing abundance all donations are very welcome to help keep this wonderful website free and open.


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