Mouse comes to us today to ask us to look around and see what needs attention in our life.

Mouse delights in finding new crumbs of learning and opportunity at every turn. The Mouse never acts on impulse, but investigates and pays attention to each situation thoroughly.

As you allow yourself to pay attention, you amplify the energy on your own leading edge of evolution.

Remind yourself of this when you find yourself feeling lower, or stuck, when you find energies getting heavier or things feeling difficult. Most likely you have shifted your focus from your own leading edge and are now instead paying attention to patterns that are actually old energy, patterns of the past, that are not truly in the present. In fact you have partially left the present moment in your attention going there and in doing so, you’re no longer creative and free, so you feel that life gets sluggish, energy becomes thicker-feeling, emotions get heavier and more prominent in your awareness and you feel a sense of having lost your groove.

You have in fact, for you split your awareness, or more then split it, you’ve gone into a enclosed cycle from which there is no creativity — you’re in lens experiencing life as “the past,” from within a perspective or energy pattern or loop which is a closed system and you’re along for the ride.

If Mouse has come into your life, ask yourself if you have neglected the trivial but necessary things in life. Have you become too fixed on one or more activities and are not paying attention to opportunities around you? Are you trying to do too many things all at once?

Mouse can teach us how to focus and how to achieve the ‘big’ things by working on the little things.














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