Michelle Joubert 
Johannesburg, South Africa

Ever since I was little I have drawn, coloured in, painted to the extent that at school the only homework I did was art and my Mom was never really sure how I passed all my other subjects. After school my life took another turn and I ended up in the business world neglecting my artistic leaning except for bouts of creativity on and off. Last year I was emphatically led to start taking my creative side seriously again and to let the business world go which led me to create my beautiful and unique silk journals as well as the silk inspirational paintings. I love the fact that when I do these works of art, each one takes on a beautiful and often healing energy of its own and I know that this energy will work in the life of the person that buys the journal or painting.

The next step on this journey led me to starting to paint intuitive journals whereby I connect with a person’s energy and paint what comes to me, I then give an explanation of my insights and the feedback always fills me with awe that the insights are right and it reminds me every time that my guides work with me every day.

This process has evolved into my other great love Inner Wisdom Guidance – IWIG and this is what I have written as given to me by my guides:

“This is a process that uses the wisdom of ages, it is a wisdom that is not from a particular guide or source but from a group, from a globular group of guides/masters to bring the messages of healing to many through Michelle, this wisdom is not based on fact or any teachings in your world but is brought through from our world with love and understanding for the issue at hand. It is our duty and pleasure to bring this form of healing through into your world. By evoking all the senses in a loving, gentle, caring way, Michelle brings you to see the behavioural pattern, challenge at hand and then through words of affirmation she gently leads you to see how beautiful life is when you accept that you are beautiful as well”

Inner Wisdom Guidance - IWIG is for people who feel stuck or unhappy with themselves, life, careers and don’t know how to change this. Through the process of using art, colour therapy and intuition I help bring out your inner wisdom to unlock the challenges and help you to recognise the solutions which you start to integrate immediately. This process is a gentle powerful process done with love, caring and empathy allowing you to realise your potential through the affirmation of who you are.

My journey in the last 18 months has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride but I have loved every moment of it as it has brought me to HERE, this present place and time. I love knowing that my guides are with me every step of this incredible journey.


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