Maja Larson ~ Winnipeg, Canada

I love to draw.

I have always done it, I don’t know if I could ‘do’ without it.

Early in my life, it was my hobby. Just doodles. But as I experienced more of life, naturally it affected my idea of art and what it means to me. It evolved into an outlet for my inner self. A release, a form of meditation for me. I struggled with achieving mental stillness through silence but when I was drawing, it came naturally and immediately. And has since become a vital part of my daily living.

As I explored the world of Wicca, and Magic and Light working, my art shifted from fantasy to spiritual expression, a way to identify with the mysteries I was presented with.

Following my inner compass to different books or teachers, I evolved and so did the art I created. I began to make jewellery and work with crystals, making sculptures and arts and crafts, enjoying the translation of media, and still finding that inner space that keeps me light in life.

The arrival of my husband and subsequently my two darling kids, brought more light love and change to my life and I saw this reflected in my art. Initially I was inspired to dig deeper and explore more media than I had in the past. I moved from 2 dimensional Egyptian or Tarot style images into paintings with tone rhythm and energy and dimension.

The Hermetic Tree of Life came to me via my Uncle Jacks books, he had an extensive collection. It changed my life again, the evolution continued.

A new language to explore and relate to. And wouldn’t you know it, the most favourite glyph of all for me, the Colour Wheel (I am also a licensed Hair Stylist who loves to colour hair) was there on the tree of life. It was love at first sight. I am still actively working with the Tree of Life and have created a Workshop for Oracling with its ancient archetypes for personal growth. As I run the workshop I am also aware of the alchemy that occurs as a result of it, and see my life change and enriched by each experience along its path to the Divine Self. I hope to offer it here at Our Psychic Art soon. Check out my YouTube videos for some of what it has to offer.

Back to the story,

Staying at home with my first, my daughter, I had to pack up paint brushes and hide the pens as she was and is forever chewing on everything. But as fate would have it my mother in law gifted me a digital camera for my baby shower gift. I admit that I did mention if she wanted any photos of her grandkid a camera would be a good idea. 4000+ photos later and going steady, art and my inner self evolved yet again into a new language. Of digital photos and editing. As I do with my painting and drawing, I get into a zone with a camera that feeds my heart and soul. I catch the image and know right away that IT has IT. That je ne sait quoi? Spirit to it. Sitting in front of the computer screen and watching the evolution of the image is amazing and re-energizing and for me, deeply healing. And now with our Son, well I can never seem to find the camera as my daughter is busy catching the world according to her.( I swear I am going to make her an album of it one day, seriously, STOP taking pictures of the TV!)

It is important to me that I continue to listen to that Silent Voice we all carry, the voice of the soul. And follow the impulses that result of the channel.

November 9, 09 I received my level one and two Usui Reiki attunements. And naturally I found my creativity shifting with this new information. This has brought me to creating art while channelling Reiki, which comes very naturally and making Reiki Room Re-energizers, and Reiki Starlight catchers. Soon to be here at Psychic Art as well.

I am so energized after channelling, I find myself at ease and more able to go with the flow and tempo of the world I live in. And I want to share this. Through Reiki and my Art I can. And I am so incredibly grateful to be able to now, regularly include channelling healing energy and my intuition, through art for the folks here at Our Psychic Art. I can stay home with my children and enjoy that short time without totally sacrificing what feeds my heart and soul! As well I feel my journey towards health and wellness can only stand to benefit those I love and those I love spiritually.

I am very happy to be welcomed into Our Psychic Art arms. Frankey has done a great deal of Good Work. And I am looking forward to contributing to that.


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