Lion comes to us today to move us from our mind to heart so that we may develop self-love in order to more fully explore the questions: Who am I, and why am I here?

Lion helps us create the life we were meant to live and the courage to live it.

He brings you courage to move past the barriers you have set before you.

Lion offers you courage and strength that is completely natural and unassuming. Equally, this fierce defender is also capable of great gentleness and possess a strong nurturing instinct which is one of the aspects of the Feminine Power principle.

Lion says that you will learn much about yourself by facing your fears with courage and strength. Yet only through remaining truly humble can the fullest expression of this wise feline's teachings be fully expressed, as you are guided to generously give of the wisdom you have come to understand, that others may follow your example.

Call upon Lion for protection, motivation, clarity, and courage to move in the direction of your dreams.

















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