Ladybird comes to you today to sprinkle a little luck, love and protection over you.

Floating with the wind, Ladybird dances from plant to plant, helping farmers keep their crop healthy, allowing for healthy growth and success. They keep the ecosystem balanced which allows for new beginnings. They feel vibrations through their legs so they are extraordinarily in tune with the present and their instincts.

Ladybirds are loved by humans for their delicate and harmless nature. We feel joyful when they come into our lives, as though they are a good omen of things to come. Their wings protect them and they sense vibrations through their legs.

Ladybird will assist you with aligning with good luck and positive change. She offers protection, harmony, and grace and will assist you in staying poised and centered.

Like a lucky charm, she will travel with you, helping you along the way. All you need to do is provide a pure and open space in your heart.

Call upon Ladybird to activate your ability to sense the subtle vibrations of change around you.






















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