Greetings! Thank you for finding your way to this page and for your interest in my work. I would love the opportunity to connect with you!

Over the years of self exploration I have learnt so much about my many lives through various methods. I am so grateful for the knowledge I continue to receive as I feel it shift my consciousness into a higher vibration as I understand more about the journey of my soul. 

Past lives fascinate me, they have done for a long time now. I learn so much through these readings and it builds a much bigger picture of the journey our souls take. There are themes and patterns within all of our experiences. 

I offer this reading as a tool for self exploration, raising your vibration, shifting consciousness, spiritual growth and personal development! 

As we gain a deeper understanding our our soul's journey it has a profound and transformational effect on our future as we learn which patterns support us and which ones to release. 

I believe that we all have had many past lives. We have all been reincarnating over and over. There is no death, just a cycle of Rebirth. 

I do not need to meet you or be with you to do this reading. I have the ability to tune into your energy by looking at your name and date of birth. And, when I set my intention, I connect with a higher part of my SELF that is able to pick up on past lives that are relevant for you to know about. 

As you reincarnate many times, your soul carries some of your powerful memories with it which actually brings the past into the present without you knowing about it. Your back problems, phobias, fears, limiting beliefs and blocks can potentially be patterns of a past life/s. 

We can find out how a past life is influencing your present life and what lessons you can learn from this. When we are able to understand, we are able to heal, we are able to grow! 

This is an in-depth reading that will be emailed to you as a typed document. These readings take 1-4 weeks (depending on my workload) - I will give you an approximate time of completion when you have booked. I ask for your trust and patience in the process as this allows the energies to flow unhindered. 

After I have completed your reading, I will perform a distant healing/cleansing ceremony to release karmic patterns and old habits that no longer serve your highest good. There is nothing you need to do to receive this healing other than to be open to it. This healing will be received on a subconscious level, thus triggering the appropriate actions to unfold for you to recognize, acknowledge and release or integrate. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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