Intuitive Guidance with Frankey Craig

Intuitive Guidance for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Greetings to you! Welcome and thank you for finding your way to this page!

If you are looking to invest in yourself then you have come to the right place! 

I have been working on my own development intensely since 2008. I have found myself evolving exponentially at a rate incomparable to anything else I have put my effort to.  

Along my journey of self discovery, that continues and evolves every day I have embarked upon many tools to support the process. Some things worked, some didn't, both gave me experience and that's powerful knowledge. 

The biggest gift I have is that I have a strong connection with a higher part of myself. I have this deep cosmic connection within me, that expands through many dimensions. I trust this connection and my inner compass to truth. 

As I continue my path, authenticity and the ability to walk my talk has become important to me, so I ensure that what I teach is what I do. Therefore, I know that everything I share is tried, tested and lived by ME. 

These Intuitive Guidance sessions are for people who are ready to get proactive with the alignment of their mind, body and spirit. Also, for those who have already began this journey and require some support. All levels are welcome. 

I combine my intuition, empathy and healing to create a nurturing and supportive environment for you to grow, shift and find clarity. Each session is entirely tailored to your needs and can improve many areas of your life. 

Sessions are once a month via video call (skype, google hangout, messenger or facetime) or in person if you are near to Gastonia, NC. Sessions last for approximately 60-90 minutes. I also offer free ongoing email/phone support in between sessions if required. 

BOOK  A FREE CONSULTATION WITH ME where I can share a little more with you, answer any questions you may have and also explore some ideas of how we may work together to bring greater alignment to your mind, body and spirit. 

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Frankey Craig 

Owner of Our Psychic Art

''Raising my Vibration has become a Vocation of LOVE''

This is truly transformational for your mind, body and spirit. Thank you for choosing to share your journey with me! It is such an honour to do this work.  Trust your process and you will grow, learn, heal and become more empowered than you could ever imagine. 

With Love, Frankey

Book One Intuitive Guidance Session $60

Book Six Intuitive Guidance Sessions $240