Goldfish has come to us today to help look for new opportunities and aids us in taking advantage of them.

Do you currently feel stuck? It is time to let go and go with the flow. Gold fish will show us how to ride the tide to new adventures.

All that is happening in our life serves the wonderful purpose of teaching us how to go with the flow! When you do not know what to expect, you become centred in the Now. You make decisions based on what is right in front of you, and what works in your present moment.

If you understand the power of the Now and the importance of surrender to the flow, you can see how this is teaching us new skills that can then be applied to the other areas of our lives. We are all part of a wonderful and intricate process that is assisting us every step of the way.

Fish in general show how to swim the currents of life by use of intuition to navigate effectively and they will aid in attuning to the world of emotions, the un/subconscious and other-worlds.

Gold fish brings heightened senses including visions, dreams and related psychic abilities.

These carp fish have become a favorite pet to many and still imbue the same magic as when they swam in muddy waters. They show us the ability to be beautiful and graceful in even the dirtiest of places.

Their gold bright colours remind us of life and riches, and can bring luck to our homes. Let goldfish show you how to shine bright and beautiful, so life becomes rich and abundant.
















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