Goat comes to us today to show us how to compose a firm foundation on which to stand and aids us in developing confidence as we head towards new.

When the goat appears, it may be a signal to contemplate your power as an individual. Is it time to separate from the herd? Launch into an independent direction? Often times, the solitary path leads us to great discovery. Goats respect distance and space. They also encourage independent adventures and explorations of high vistas for the sole purpose of personal/individual knowing.

Goats bring spiritual ambition and they also love to climb and climbing speaks to us of progress and achievement. The goat will travel and live up in cliffs and mountains at impossible angles and elevations. Goats approach a precipice with ease and enthusiasm. This is encouragement to search your soul in places high and inaccessible for your sustenance. You can get there!

Goat teaches us how to create a solid foundation on which to stand and helps us develop confidence as we move towards new heights achievements.

It is time to let go of the ‘security of your insecurity’, basically the routines and beliefs that you are comfortable with and which stop you from trying new things. Try new things that are relevant to your growth, and maybe even exceeds it.

Honour yourself and honour your dreams and keep exploring until you achieve your highest vision. With great risks come great rewards. Launch out into unchartered territory as the goat does, and odds are, provision will be granted to you every step of the way.
















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