Giraffe comes to us today asking us to expand our visions. There is more to the picture than we can see at the moment.

Go into meditation and use all of your astral bodies to see all aspects of the situation. Then, use your inner guidance and discernment to come to a resolution.

The Giraffe has the ability to look over the savannah and send it's dreams across the horizons and can help you to do the same. Seek more in your life, envision your wildest dreams... you have the Giraffe near to lead you towards new horizons

Giraffe is able to see beyond your circumstances and is able to help us by reminding us to reach above our head and to look up. When you have your head hung low, how can you see what is coming? Keep your head up, eyes on the prize and know that with Giraffe’s help you will make it through this!

You have the ability to see what is beyond, but you are going to need to keep your head up and focused. You will need to begin moving forward at a pace that is comfortable.

Take a moment every now and then to rest, but don’t stop. You are too close to stop. Be easy and enjoy the journey. Life is all about experience and this shall be the best experience yet if you just keep your head held high!















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