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Art has been my passion since early child hood I was always creating drawing painting and losing me in the work it was my first love from the beginning. I was always blessed enough to be gifted with the materials I needed to complete my various projects even to this day this happens in my life. Inwardly I always dreamt of being an Artist of putting some beauty and love into the world but somewhere along the way I lost confidence in me and my gifts and for a while I lost my way. I half heartily attempted to re ignite this passion in various ways as I studied Textile and Fashion which I successfully completed against many odds but I didn’t quite fit but this did lead to some wonderful teaching experiences where I worked with lots of beautiful people on various projects so it slowly began to reawaken the passion I felt throughout my youth.

I still hadn’t figured out what type of Artist I was and I was struggling to believe in my talent but I’ve seen so much talent through those I taught and worked with yet thankfully the universe had plans and re awakened me to my true gifts and potential in 2009.

Through some beautiful Angelic experiences my truth began to emerge my passion began to return I was shown how to use the Art as a way to help and heal others it began to feel right within me my soul became alive through the process that feeling I had as a child returned. I was becoming aware of the type of Artist I was and how I could bring some beauty and love into our world.

I was gifted some chalks and oil paints from a friend. Chalks was a medium I hadn’t really explored before suddenly I was up at all hours drawing Angels Guides and Soul energy work all with beautiful messages of guidance. I began to share the work and its messages and every time it was met with love. I feel very blessed that the Angels guided me in this way showing me how to work in this way in service to others. I am honoured to channel in a way that speaks to my soul. I was then guided to do personal Angel, Guide, and Soul energy portraits for others as a way of connecting them to their own higher wisdom again this was met with love.

"When I am using the Art as a form of channelling, guidance and healing for someone to receive I have been guided to ask for the DOB and full name I then take the time to cleanse myself my space in a way that feels right within and I begin to tune into my own Angels & Guides asking them to bring forward the energy that will give the person what they need at that moment in their lives. During this process I receive guidance on the colours I will use, the marks on the work, the style of the work, the specific soul energy reveals itself as I surrender to the process entirely trusting Spirit to work through me for the higher good of the person receiving the Art. This is a very personal beautiful way to receive from Spirit and I am honoured to be of service in this way. "

Blessings to you all. Please feel free to browse through my Gallery, comment, share and enjoy the work I do.


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