Frog comes to you today to encourage you to embrace this time of metamorphosis.

Frogs serve as the bridge between the earth and water elements. They begin their life journey from a lake, pond, or muddy puddle. They have the ability to breathe underwater and must be near a water source to survive and procreate.

Change or metamorphosis is taking place or soon to take place whenever Frog shows up. It may very well be time to leap into a new life path.

As you observe the habits of Frog, you'll witness this creature's ability to dwell upon both the land and the water. The significance to this points to the need for you to learn the balance between emotion and reasoning. To become too immersed in the experiences of your feelings, is to lose the perspective you'll need to navigate life's turbulent waters.

As you continue to grow you are more able to gain some detachment from the fathomless depths of your emotions and feelings, and as you're able to successfully navigate through the murkier depths of the sorrow, pain, and suffering you encounter in others, without absorbing that energy into yourself, then you learn the true lesson of feeling without being pulled asunder. This is when you become truly aligned with the teachings of Frog, and may attain the fulfillment of your higher self to nurture the way to your unfolding.

















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