Fox has comes to us today to and asks is the solution to a problem evading you or have you rushed into an important decision?

You will succeed as you stay persistent and as you return to love, as you recognize your challenges and your blockages as what they are, opportunities to turn away from fear and doubt and insecurity, and to become more centered, more focused upon the divine love that is always there but requires awareness to fully tune into.

Fox spirit is the problem solver and will guide you to solitude and silence until the way out is shown. Like a fox breaking into a chicken coop hit the problem from every angle. Failing that, sit back and wait. Wise old fox spirits will often lay unmoving for hours, playing dead. Curious scavengers that come to investigate find themselves a nasty surprise. The meaning here is that a healthy combination of persistence and patience will strike a balance that picks apart a problem until it is solved.

The fox guides us to use our instincts and creative energies. When we learn to blend into our surroundings and to observe with all of our senses we will be able to anticipate and create the future as we wish it to be.













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