Fairy in my pocket 
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How to work with fairies in your pocket

Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth (it is preferable that you arte relaxed have some music playing in the background with no distractions).

Ask a question and then select a card at random

Affirm 3 times that you are the beautiful being you have connected with saying their name aloud or in your head.

Have a pen and paper ready

Allow your thoughts to drift as well as see what you feel most drawn to on the painting. You may even feel physical sensations, write it all down.

Words will come through don?t try to process them, just write them down and trust what you are given.

Pulsate love and gratitude to the being and ask Archangel Michael to close doorways you have opened (can be done right at the end of your reading).

These cards are available to purchase as a deck of cards and also comes with a booklet.








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