Emu comes to us today to show us that adventure can be found around the next corner.

Emu says that if we do not adventure, we will not find out about our nature.

Emu teaches one how to utilize movement efficiently and with speed. Emu can also teach soul-flight and flight in the other worlds. Despite being grounded on land in the 'real' world, in the spirit-worlds, emu is capable of flight and is sometimes located in the night-sky in some Indigenous Australian beliefs.

How often do you take yourself out to places where you can nurture your physical body, or stimulate your mind? Emu pushes all people to make more frequent journeys.

Attune to everything around you. Something grander is overcoming our fears. Something enters, as if in advance, we are shown the where to put our awareness. If we don't wake up and begin to adventure we will not have lived our purpose.

Challenge yourself. Keep wondering. Follow your internal light to guide you to new adventures of mind, body and soul.

The energy of emu tends to come about at a time when rapid movement can be nourishing. Many animals teach us to slow down and take our time, but emu comes into our lives to say 'speed up, work hard', take risk and adventure!

Explore and find out what you seek. But do not keep wandering to the point that you become dissatisfied easily.

















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