Elephant comes to you today to remind you that all of your relationships including the one you have with yourself must move into a space of total freedom and sharing.

Too many relationships are based on weakness, fear and co-dependency. Where any of these issues exist, they will be lifted into the light by Elephants energy. There they can be transformed and healed.

You are urged to see relationship issues that arise now as opportunities to heal and transform your relationship into something more balanced that will allow both partners to express who they are and follow their dreams and passions while still enjoying their shared time and space.

Some relationships will end. These will be the relationships where there is an imbalance. Where one partner suppresses the other, or where both are "locked into" unhealthy patterns of repression and compromise. Where it is better for the two people to part and explore who they are in their own time and space.

But know that if a relationship does end, it will be an opportunity for both people to find someone else who will be more suited to their needs.

You will now seek and find friends and partners with whom you can explore and adventure on every level. And the relationships will be spontaneous and fun, and will not be "hard work" like so many relationships were in the past.

















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