Eagle comes to us today as a sign that healing is on its way.

The feathers of an eagle are powerful medicine and have been used in many healing rituals.

Look to the sky above and know that eagle carries your prayer for recovery, whether emotional or physical, to the heavens. Stay strong and courageous and trust that the message of your intent will take wing.

One of the most fascinating aspects of healing with the eagle is their ability to tell us the true origin of an illness or affliction and advise us how to help us grow beyond the experience.

The eagle can also heighten our power of healing by providing greater clarity and insight into the art, and improve our techniques and results by simply guiding us through our intuition, in the form of thoughts that spontaneously come into our awareness, or by us over hearing a fragment of a conversation that is going on around us.

The true nature of eagle healing is to provide the insight necessary for us to start healing yourself by going through and forgiving our emotional and physical traumas.

Healing acts as the stem of growth and we have the ability to flower so many abilities as a result of this incredibly pure foundation in spirituality. If we have the ability to heal ourselves and create a positive difference in the world around us, then our job is done.






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