Dragonfly comes to you today to remind you that you are a powerful being of LIGHT!

When we have made ourselves believe that the limitations of physical existence prevent us from changing and growing.
Dragonfly encourages us to rid our self-made illusions and asks us to question the illusion which we call reality, particularly that part of our realities which hinders our ability to grow and create transformation/change in our lives.

Dragonfly conveys knowledge about greater dimensions of reality, and helps us travel to a realm of light and colour in which spiritual expansion is possible.

You are more than a physical body, you are a spiritual being and Dragonfly invites you to tune into your feelings, relax your mind, open your heart and allow the energy of love all around you to flow into your being to lift your vibration and to assist you in raising your frequency to the realm of love, the realm in which the spiritual multidimensional light being, that is your higher self exists and dwells and patiently awaits your connection.

You, are infinitely knowledgeable, wise, and powerful in the light. When you are connected to your higher self your psychic abilities, your joy level your love and your ability to understand and excel in your world are increased and are opened with this connection .

Let your mind be still, and open your heart and feel your vibration begin to raise as you tune into Dragonfly's energy.





















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