Dog comes to us today to help us develop our own sensitivities.

What other Creature Being in all of Nature conveys such a sense of devotion and love for their human companion than that of the domesticated Dog? They are our faithful and trusted friends, and it is through our connection to them that we learn the true meaning of unconditional love, for once bonded to us, they will be our faithful companions for the duration of their all too short life.

Dogs live selflessly and generously, with faithful, loyal, and trusting hearts. They bless us with their unconditional love and unending devotion. Dogs can be simultaneously gentle as lambs, yet fiercely protective of the ones they love. They know how to walk the line between martial courage and peaceful surrender. Dogs also sense and understand the subtlest of energetic vibrations.

Dogs authentically embody so many spiritual qualities throughout their lives and even as they face death. Living with and loving dogs, we can be guided toward being better people and creating a healthier planet, one where people practice compassionate devotion and a life of joyful service to others.

Think of the qualities of the dog or dogs in your life. Wise protector? Constant companion? Playful, silly puppy? The qualities the dogs around you display will point to areas where you need to develop your own inner qualities and heal yourself. Dogs can be mirrors of our inner selves, highlighting our strengths and challenges. If we can open up to this possibility we can see into our own hearts more easily and develop our highest and best qualities while healing our deepest issues.

Dogs are truly our guides and teachers.





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