David Rosenhaus ~ New Jersey, USA

For most of my life, my creativity has been about writing... songs, poems, plays, movies, and rants...  In the 80's I fell into graphic design by accident while pursuing a career as an actor. When I found myself on the spiritual path a few years ago I had no clue where I was being led, but was open to all possibilities.

Toward the end of 2010, I was driving home, thinking about a recurring problem I was having. In frustration at having no answers yet again, I cranked up the radio.  The first lyrics I heard were the answer I had been looking for and the inspiration for the ROCK AND ROLL ORACLE™ was born.  There were no musically inspired oracle card decks and my quickly deepening psychic abilities plus my years as a graphic artist were the perfect combination to make this original idea a reality.


Within a year the cards were published and available to the public and my readings were more and more accurate.  


I am so happy to have found Our Psychic Art and know that I am not the only one who channels psychic messages through art as well as words.  I am honored to be among these amazing visionaries.



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