Crocodile has come to us today to help us attract the right people into our lives through our vibration.

Croc do a “water dance” which is an event produced by males seeking their mates. They emit low vibration groans while attracting a mate. The vibration of their mating calls makes the water dance upon their scaly backs. The effect of this water dance look and sound like pebbles dancing on the water’s surface.

Crocodile speaks to us about the importance of being creative when calling new connections to us. It also reminds us of rhythm. That pebble-bouncing of water droplets is an audio-rhythm of delight, a shimmering cascade for the ears. It talks about using all of our skills to attract the right people into our lives; unorthodox methods are sometimes the best way to forge connections/relationships.

In the Hindu chakra system, the crocodile governs the sacral chakra (Svadhisthana). This is a developmental energy, as the sacral chakra is a power-center of creation. The crocodile in this chakra encourages creativity and balance. This chakra-crocodile goes deep into our emotional core and resurfaces with dynamic creative power.

As long as you resist being your natural, balanced self, you will not attract harmonious, long lasting, or healthy relationships. Once you become true to yourself, you will automatically attract the right people to you.

You can access and balance your own unique vibration of energy to reveal your innate power and beauty within and attract the type of relationships you desire when you call on Croc.








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