Colour Character Traits



Infra-Red ~ Dynamic volcano, intensity, powerful emotions, perhaps stress or illness.


Red ~ Challenge, action, power, demanding, fast paced, psychial, healthy, extremist.

Light-Red ~ Joy, eroticism, sexuality, sensitivity, femininity.

Red-Orange ~ Desire to be centre of attention, charisma.


Orange-Red ~ Confidence, creative expression, activity, dynamic, original.

Orange ~ Creativity, enthusiasm, originality, joy, happiness, energetic, sociable, outgoing.

Golden-Orange ~ Fun, joy, self-confident, hard working, enthusiastic.


Gold ~ Forgiving, goodwill, abundance, prosoerity, shining light.


Yellow ~ Happy, excited, open, playful, intelligence, co-ordinated, sociable, warm, achiever, domineering.

Green ~ Healer, teacher, growth, hard worker, ambitous, gentle strength, understanding, reserved, cautious, contented, harmonious.

Turquoise ~ Compassionate, sensitive, practical, teacher, healer, guide, dreamy, childish, communicative, optimistic.

Aqua-Marine ~ Spiritual seeker, peaceful, sensitivty.

Light Blue ~ Tranquility, peace, idealistic, spiritual light, religon, inner quiet.


Blue ~ Communication, intuition, rest, truth, wisdom, devotion, relaxing, withdrawn, sluggish, sensitive.

Indigo ~ Clairvoyance, spiritual truth, abundance, imagination, neutrality, individualistic, inner balance, self-respecting, disorganised.


Violet ~ Knowing, faith, magic, imagination.

Lavender ~ Elfin-like amusement, fun, light hearted, spontaneity.

Magenta ~ Tenderness, love, caring, longing, affectionate, wise.

Blue-White ~ Communication of spiritual ideals, healing, meditation, spirit guides.

White ~ Spirituality, divine healing energy, angels/guides, channelling.  


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