Colour Healing

The colours listed below effectively bring relief from various problems.

You can either use colour healing in your meditation visulizing the problem area with its complimentary colour Or you can dress in the colour, use crystals, coloured baths or use the light in your environment. There are many ways of incorporating colour into your life have fun exploring them.


MAGENTA ~ Use for fainting, headache, morning sickness, migraine, nausea, stroke, shock and vomiting.



INDIGO ~ Use for conjunctivitis, earache, menopause, mental illness, mypoia, neuralgia, paranoia and warts.


BLUE ~ Use for acne, anxiety, asthma, backage, blisters, bruises, burns, coughs, cramp, dermatitus, earache, emphysema, flatulence, gallstones, german measles, glandular fever, hay fever, hernia, herpes, hiccups, influenza, itching, laryngitus, lumbago, mumps, premenstral tension, sneezing, sores, sprains, stammering, stiffness, stings, stress, sunburn, tonsilitus, toothache and wheezing.


GREEN ~ Use for Angina, chest pain, gastric ulcer, heart disease, peptic ulcer, trauma, tumours and warts.


YELLOW ~ Use for Arthritus, hepatitis, jaundice, rhematism and stiffness.



ORANGE ~ Use for Agoraphobia, alcoholism, arthritus, common cold, constipation, depression, fatigue, gallstones, gout, kidney disease, liver disease, rheumatism, stiffness and ulcer.



RED ~ Use for anaemia, cold, leukemia and numbness.























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