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I have been drawing and painting all my life, both for personal enjoyment and commercially as a professional designer. Now at the tender age of 54 it has finally developed into something that is very much second nature to me – I can now start taking the “Thinking” out of the mechanics of the process – too step aside and allow Universal Energy and the One Consciousness to flow through onto the paper. However, I still have plenty to learn and much to develop and perfect.

At this point in time I see myself as being able to work in three different levels of Psychic Art and get great JOY from playing, and also in passing on messages to those that wish to receive. Here are my brief thoughts as to how I see these three working styles - I hope they are of some help and encouragement:

Inspirational Artwork

I feel this as a gentle free flowing connection with spirit that allows the expression to come through, fun and enjoyable and always full of experimental work, just go with the flow and see where it takes you. I see my role in this process as a director, but one with a very light hand, I am there to facilitate not to control. The latest pieces shown in the web site gallery have been created on stretched water colour paper, no brushes used, just inks and lots of water, even to the extreme of leaving a painting out in the rain over night. They have to find their own way to come to life;I just give them a little helping hand along the way, give it a try!

Channeled Artwork

This work requires a deeper level of connection to the spirit realm to the extent that I use this method for clairvoyant readings for others. I express the spirit messages through drawings, and all that is really needed is a simple sketch book and pencil or pastels to transpose the information as pictures and words down onto paper that will finally develops into a story board that hopefully the recipient can relate to – I have had some amazing success working this way and look forward to doing more readings for people.

I very often start a piece using my left hand (I am right handed), once this free flow foundation has been established I will then revert to my right hand and work up the piece, connecting with the spirit world and reading the message that emerge. You will see from some of the examples I also place words, numbers, dates around the picture as I drawer, these being key points to be referred to when giving the final reading to the sitter.

In addition I have received spiritual channelling that has resulted in major projects being produced; WATER being the one shown on this web site, take a dip! WATER came through to me in November 07 as a ragging torrent of words which where determined to be place on paper. At first this was a pretty disturbing experience for me, but now a year later I understand why it was this way; I had mentally placed a DAM in the way and it was not until I removed this DAM that this channelling flowed in the most beautiful way and my enjoyment of the experience was allowed to flourish into fine words and images. Now long after words and artwork have been produced the WATER project is still flowing with an exhibition and workshops coming out of the deep, who knows where it will take me next?

You may notice that I use the computer a lot in my work to manipulate images; however, every image starts life on paper as a hand sketch that is then scanned into the computer to be developed on further. The computer and the programmes that I use I simply see as just another tool, no different to a brush or pencil. The important thing is the connection and intention behind these tools - and that is YOU.

Check out the WATER PROJECT Video

Trance Artwork

Check out the Trance Art Video (above)

A fairly new area for me but one I am extremely excited about developing further. It has taken some time for me to be able to place myself in such a deep meditative state to allow Spirit to communicate through me, first only at voice, but now to directly drawer through me onto paper while I am in this Trance state (shown below) – I am drawering with my fully eyes closed, however the sound of the charcaol on the paper creates the image for me while connecting with the Spirit World. A big brake through for me! - so watch this space, who knows where this may lead, but it is going to take quite some time for me to get even half proficient with this wonderful pheromone - but I will enjoy the ride along the way.

Can you tell who is communicating through me onto paper?

One last word for those of you that want to know how to start Psychic Art or those that want to develop further ; MEDITATE - TRUST - ALLOW and have lots of FUN it will show you the WAY.




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