Card Readings with Frankey

There are many different types of cards that I use. You can pick or allow me to chose what I feel are the right ones for you.

I work with my higher self,  spirit guides and my strongest gift is that I am highly empathic. I feel everything! I also have clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience abilities which allow me to look into many areas of your life and offer guidance and direction. I am able to see beyond emotion into the spiritual. 

All Card Readings will come to you as a typed document, that is emailed to you. I require, your name and date of birth to tune into your energy. If you have a specific question you can ask before I do the reading. It is also OK to trust that whatever information comes through will be perfect and right for you and that your questions will be answered one way or another. 

Once you have ordered your reading and given me your information I will endeavour to get your reading to you as soon as possible. Please allow 3-7 days, depending on my workload. 

Please read about the different card readings available and chose the one whose energy you feel most drawn to. 

All readings cost $35

Crystal Oracle 

Crystals are wonderful energies for us to work with. Their healing, wisdom and clarity has been recognized by mankind for eons. The crystals invite us to learn more about our self, our life, our purpose and our health. Crystals help us to release energy blockages and will bring healing and balance  into your life. 

True Love Tarot

The True Love Tarot cards are great readings for those who wish to concentrate on relationships in their life. Whether you want to improve an existing relationship or invite new healthy and balanced relationships, True Love Tarot can help to guide you to the answers that will help you to move forward with confidence, wisdom and grace. 

Traditional  Celtic Cross Tarot 

The celtic cross is an ancient spread which is now one of the most popular used tarot spreads even now. It is versatile and has the ability to cover many aspects, offering an in-depth interpretation.The tarot cards represent universal truths about you. I will decipher the meanings and symbolism of each card and how they apply to you. 

Goddess Power Oracle

Goddesses are powerful female archetypes who represent the different aspects of feminine life force. This reading will reveal the female archetype codes that you carry which, will enable you to cherish your feminine energy, help you to realize how valuable and powerful you are. 

Animal Oracle  Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is another ancient spread that I like to use. This reading with the animal spirit guides delves into and explore the energies currently present in your life. This spread offers greater understanding of the inner forces at work in your life today.

Frankeys Choice of Cards

Let Frankey choose for you!

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