Camel comes to us today to help us to recognize the resources we already have.

The camel has the gift of self-containment and self-sufficiency, able to survive long periods of time just on what is contained within. Camel energy will bring the ability to be our own best resource, able to pull out our talents and skills with ease, always finding everything we need just by going inside.

Camel gives us the strength to get over the hurdles that life throws at us and endure. Even though the road is hard and we don't have a lot of support, know that we will succeed in the end. Camel also gives us the ability to remain positive in the harshest of times and experiences. Camel philosophy is always "the glass is half full."

Camels serve as a reminder to pace ourselves, and be mindful of our own energy levels. When you feel like you're always 'running on empty' try visualizing the camel helping you to regulate your energy stores. Camels can also help regulate our metabolism.

Try meditating with the camel; specifically ask the camel to help with keeping resources and metabolism on an even keel. You'll be amazed at how effective this request of the camel can be.






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