Breath Meditation

Welcome to this breath meditation that has been designed to help introduce you to your breath.

First I would like you to find a comfortable place to either lay or sit down. Somewhere that you will not be disturbed.


Close your eyes and begin to empty your mind of thoughts and begin to focus your attention on your breath.


REMEMBER to just allow each thought dissolve into a wispy cloud and let it float away.


Slowly breath in through your nose (when you do this push your stomach out) when you reach the top of your breath hold it to the count of 3.


Then breath out through your mouth to the count of five (allow your stomach to go back in) and say the word RELAX on each out breath in your mind.


Repeat 10-15 times or as many as required to get you into a relaxed state.


The diapramatic breath technique may feel a bit weird to push your stomach out when you breathe in at first but this is how we are meant to breathe naturally. Once you get the hang of it - its like riding a bike.


When really stressed take a moment for yourself and try 6 - 10 diaphragmatic breathes and allow your stresses to melt away. 



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